MTL Fabrication


TRL Rules Read before Using TRL  
TRL Acid and Solvent Wet Processing PDF General rules and guidelines for wet chemical processing in TRL.  
Acidhood & Acidhood 2 Procedures and Rules Lab procedure  
IV-probe PDF DC probe station for device characterization.  
acid-hood PDF wet station photolithography
acid-hood2 wet station (NO Au) photolithography
aja-trl PDF    
asher plasma PR stripper photo stripper
ccnt PDF carbon nanotube deposition system deposition
develop-Brewer PDF wafer developing and post exposure baking photolithography
e-beam metal evaporator vacuum deposition
ebeamFP PDF evaporative deposition system vacuum deposition
ellipsometerTRL   photolithography
EV1 mask aligner photolithography
Evalign/Bond wafer aligner/bonder photolithography
GrapheneBlackMagic PDF Mono-layer and multi-layer graphene deposition 39-428a TRL
greenflo PDF General purpose wet hood for processing with acids and bases. TRL Outer Window Hallways
HMDS resist vapor primer photolithography
heidelberg PDF laser pattern transfer system photolithography
ksaligner-2 mask aligner photolithography
lam590-trl Plasma etcher etch
SU8spinner specialty coater photolithography
perkin-elmer sputter system deposition
photo-wet wet station photolithography
plasmaquest PDF ECR pecvd-RIE plasma etch
PMMA spinner spin coater photolithography
rca PDF wet station diffusion
RTA-HiT PDF rapid thermal processing  
samco PDF inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etcher (ICP RIE) etch
Solvent-noAU wet station  
sts1PDF Si deep trench etcher etch
sts2PDF etcher etch
sts3 etcher etch
-- Kapton Tape    
stscvd PDF   deposition
Target mount   etch
tubeA1-CMOSox PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeA2-wetox/bond PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeA3-CMOSinter PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeA4-organic bake PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeB1-Au PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeB2-ox/alloy PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeB3-dryox/anneal PDF atmospheric diffusion tube diffusion
tubeB4-poly low P diffusion tube diffusion
XeF2 PDF isotropic silicon etcher etch