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What it does: MTL SOP standards
Introduction: The objective is to have a standardized format when it comes to writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for MTL equipment. In order to do that, some guidelines are needed. The following are guidelines that one should follow when writing a SOP. It is recommended that one should look at how other SOPs are written prior to writing one.



  1. Open your preferred word processing program to write your SOP.
  2. Start the SOP with the heading"STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE."
  3. Under the heading, state the machine's CORAL name, make and model number, location within MTL.
  4. The body of the SOP should have 3 sections:
    • INTRODUCTION should be short (no more than 4 sentences that tell what the machine/procedure does, and the theory of operations if applicable.
    • SAFETY, again, should be short. Only include safety information where appropriate.
    • PROCEDURE should be a list of steps that are simple and
      and clear with the appropriate CAUTION, WARNING and NOTE statements. Number all steps involved.
  5. Start the PROCEDURE section with the following 2 steps:
    • " Check reservations in CORAL to insure that you reserved the correct machine in the correct facility for the correct date. Another user may have reservations; it is your responsibility to honor them, if this is the case."
    • "'Engage' the machine in CORAL for the equipment that you are about to use; use this command BEFORE you start the operation. Insure that the correct facility is set (ICL, TRL, etc.) and that your lot name is entered correctly."
  6. End the PROCEDURE section with the following step:
    • "Disengage" the machine in CORAL.
  7. End the SOP with the author(s) and the date it was written or revised on the bottom left-hand corner of the document.
Author: Chi Hoang 11/97; rev. by Mara Karapetian, 10/04