MTL Fabrication


The MTL staff provides training to all users of the facility to ensure safe and competent operation of MTL equipment. This training begins with an on-line orientation session, in which the user is introduced to MTL facilities, policies and procedures. All new users must read this material and successfully complete the MTL Safety Quiz. Safety is stressed in this material, which includes proper procedures and techniques for handling the various acids, solvents, and gases employed in the facility, as well as a description of the alarms and various other systems that enable MTL to operate safely. Proper clean room procedures and techniques are also covered, as is a description of CORAL, the computer system used to operate and monitor MTL facilities.

Following the MTL orientation and successful completion of Hazardous Waste and Chemical Hygiene training, individual training and instruction is given on each piece of equipment required by the user in his/her research project. The training consists of a series of “hands-on” sessions and continues until the user is comfortable with the equipment and the staff member is convinced that the user can safely and effectively operate the piece of equipment in question. Standard Operating Procedures are available online for each piece of equipment, so users can refer to them conveniently.

Before scheduling training, users must:

Training is scheduled by making the necessary machine reservations in CORAL & contacting the relevant specialist (see Trainer Chart)