MTL Fabrication

MTL Outreach Program


The MTL Outreach Program establishes the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) as a resource for micro and nano fabrication. The goal of the MTL Outreach Program is to permit trained personnel from other universities and laboratories to use the cleanroom facilities of the MTL for non-commercial research in micro and nano fabrication.


The MTL Outreach Program is open to faculty and graduate students from United States and foreign universities and to staff members from U.S. Government laboratories.

Researchers from corporations are not eligible for this program. However, corporations that are members of the MTL Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) can send visitors to the MTL under the terms of the MIG membership. Other companies, both domestic and foreign, can utilize the MTL facilities through the MTL Fabrication Facilities Access Program (FFA).

Criteria for Acceptance

A project in the MTL Outreach Program must satisfy the following criteria :

Application and Approval Process

Inquiries about the MTL Outreach Program should be directed to the MTL Associate Director, Operations, who will advise proponents on whether the proposed project is technically feasible in MTL and whether the proposed user is qualified.

An MTL Outreach Program Application Form must be filled out by the Principal Investigator of each project accepted in the MTL Outreach Program.

Upon acceptance, the person doing the work must complete all MIT and MTL safety and EHS requirements (see Becoming an MTL User) and be qualified individually on all necessary pieces of equipment by the MTL technical staff. Outreach projects, once accepted into MTL, share the same priority as other student-run research projects.

Citations and Reports

All approved Outreach projects must submit suitable material for inclusion in the MTL annual report. All reports and publications based on MTL work must include acknowledgement of the use of MTL resources as follows: "This work was carried out in part through the use of MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories."

Intellectual Property

While the primary purpose of the Outreach Program is not the generation of MIT-owned intellectual property, when MIT personnel make significant technical contributions to a non-MIT project, these contributions should be recognized. Accordingly, any personnel who participate directly in an approved project under the MTL Outreach Program will be asked to execute an intellectual property agreement which asserts that MIT may have a right to shared ownership of those portions of the project to which significant intellectual contributions are made by MIT personnel.
(please see the MTL Outreach Program Application Form PDF)