MTL Fabrication

Target Mount - Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Wafer is continually spinning until removed from chuck Using dispense cycle only AZ 4620(setting 3) set dispense time to 99.9 sec.
  2. Load dummy wafer into coater.  Dynamic dispense 2000rpm until wafer is covered.
  3. Turn off resist dispense and wait  a few seconds
  4. Use acetone spray bottle to remove resist from mount wafer leaving a spot a little larger than 1 inch diameter at the center.Img 01
  5. Return dispense nozzle to over wafer a half inch from center dot.  Turn on dispense and spread
    Img 02
  6. Turn off dispense and wait a few seconds.  Spray Acetone slowly, starting at the edge of the wafer and working in until only a 1.5cm wide “band” of photoresist remains of the second dispense.  Img 03
  7. Return dispense nozzle to over wafer a half inch from first “band”.  Turn on dispense and spread. 
    Img 04
  8. Spray Acetone on a swab and wipe a 2 cm wide “vent slot” through the two bands of photoresist, leaving the center circle untouched.  Repeat this to create a total of 2-4 “vent slots” coming from the center in a cross pattern.  Img 05
  9. The mount dummy should look like the image below (red = resist, silver = wafer).
  10. Img 06

  11. Using double-gloves or tweezers, carefully place your real wafer on top of the target mount dummy.  Be sure to press down areas around the wafer to ensure good contact.
    Img 07Img 07Img 08
  12. Load target mounted wafer into pre-bake oven (95C) for 30 minutes to hard bake the photoresist.
  13. After baking and the wafer cas coold wipe the backside of the mount wafer with a fabwipe that has Methanol on it.

—Kris Payer and Dennis Ward, 8/6/12