MTL Fabrication


The MTL microfabrication facilities are located in the Gordon Stanley Brown Building (Building 39) and consist primarily of three cleanroom labs, which offer varying degrees of flexibility and cleanliness levels. They are the:

MTL’s fabrication resources are managed and operated by a group  of professional technical staff led by the MTL Associate Director for Operations, who reports directly to the MTL Director. MTL’s fabrication facilities are open to all MIT faculty and students, as well as users from other academic institutions and government agencies (see MTL Outreach Program). In addition, there are a number of programs designed to foster interaction with industry (see External Users).

Researchers planning to utilize the fabrication facilities of the MTL are required to successfully complete a safety and orientation course prior to their use of MTL facilities and must receive training from a research specialist for each piece of laboratory equipment they plan to operate.

The Integrated Circuits Laboratory (ICL)

Located on the second floor, it is a CMOS-compatible device fabrication facility comprised of:

The Technology Research Laboratory (TRL)

Located on the fourth floor, it is a semiconductor device fabrication facility that includes gold-compatible tools; it is comprised of:

The Exploratory Materials Laboratory (EML)

Located on the fifth floor, it is a  Flexible, thin film deposition lab,  where a great variety of materials can be processed. It consists of:

How to Report Building Problems: