MTL Fabrication

TRL Rules

General Rules:

  1. Get trained and CORAL qualified by a staff member before Using ANY tool.
  2. Enter a problem report in CORAL if a machine is not functioning properly.
  3. Always be aware of other users, and be considerate of their needs. Be courteous and polite.
  4. Cancel your reservation if you are not going to use it, and notify the rest of the fab community by sending an email to
  5. Reserve only the amount of time you actually need a tool for.
  6. Mind the 15 minute rule………if you’re late by anymore than that, another user may take your reservation.
  7. Remember to engage the tool in CORAL.
  8. Remember to disengage in CORAL, and always enter your run data.
  9. ASK if you are uncertain about ANYTHING!!!!.
  10. ALWAYS clean up after yourself…….DON’T EXPECT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU !!!!!

Photo Room:

  1. Maintain strict separation between Au and Si at all times.
  2. Do not leave solutions in beakers unattended without a label.
  3. Do not leave wafers to dismount for days. Check them daily, and relabel.
  4. Do not take acid beakers or containers into the photoroom for any reason.
  5. Rinse your labware, and always put it away in its proper place.
  6. Put away wafer boxes when you’re done.
  7. Put tweezers and scribes back in their correct rack.
  8. Change waste bottles when necessary. Do not wait for someone else to do it for you.
  9. Always tag hazardous waste bottles, and be certain they are tagged correctly.
  10. Full bottles of solvents do not belong in the satellite accumulation storage bin.
  11. Empty bottles are put into the satellite accumulation storage bin.
  12. Refill solvent squirt bottles when necessary. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.
  13. Use opened bottles of solvents and developers first.
  14. Never place chemical bottles on any table, or counter. Chemical bottles should be kept within the confines of a wet bench or passthu.
  15. Always clean the coater when you are through Using it.
  16. Take inactive sample boxes out of the plexiglas storage units.
  17. If the solvent gloves are dirty, dispose of them, and replace them with a new pair.

Acid Hoods:

  1. Follow all of the Personal Protective Equipment rules and protocol at all times.
  2. No gold in Acidhood2 EVER!!!!
  3. Run approved processes only.
  4. Acidhood dumprinse is Green/Blue dot ONLY!!! exceptions.
  5. Yellow dot is for KOH/TMAH ONLY!!!!
  6. Use opened bottles of chemicals first.
  7. Call the chemical cell phone when you use the last bottle of any particular chemical.
  8. Clean the ultrasonic unit after use.
  9. Always spray down the acidhood deck when you are done.
  10. Always rinse your gloves thoroughly before placing them back on the rack.