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Publications 2020

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RC-291 Kim, T., J. A. del Alamo and D. A. Antoniadis, “Dynamics of HfZrO2 Ferroelectric Structures: Experiments and Models.” 2020 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2020), Online, December 12-18, 2020, pp. 441-444. (DOI) (slides) (video)

RC-290 Cai, X., A. Vardi, J. Grajal and J. A. del Alamo, “Ballistic Mobility and Injection Velocity in Nanoscale InGaAs FinFETs.” 2020 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, Online, December 12-18, 2020, pp. 172-175. (DOI) (slides) (video)

RC-289 Emond, M. X. Yao, M. Onen, S. Ryu, J. A. del Alamo, Ju Li, and B. Yildiz, “Proton Intercalation in Solid-State Electrochemical Synapse for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing.” Materials Research Society Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Boston, MA, November 27-December 4, 2020. (abstract)

RJ-210 Vardi, A., M. Tordjman, R. Kalish and J. A. del Alamo, "Refractory W Ohmic Contacts to H-Terminated Diamond.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 67, No. 9, pp. 3516-3521, September 2020. (DOI)

RJ-209 Cai, X., A. Vardi, J. Grajal, and J. A. del Alamo, "A New Technique for Mobility Extraction in MOSFETs in the Presence of Prominent Gate Oxide Trapping: Application to InGaAs MOSFETs.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 67, No. 8, pp. 3075-3081, August 2020. (DOI)

RJ-208 208 Yao, X., K. Klyukin, W. Lu, M. Onen, S. Ryu, D. Kim, N. Emond, I. Waluyo, A. Hunt, J. A. del Alamo, J. Li, and B. Yildiz, "Protonic Solid-State Electrochemical Synapse for Physical Neural Networks.” Nature Communications, 11:3134, 2020. (DOI)

RC-288 del Alamo, J. A., “Nanoscale III-V Electronics.” Invited Keynote, 2020 SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2020), Online, August 24-26, 2020. (slides) (video)

RC-287 del Alamo, J. A., “Nanoscale III-V Electronics: InGaAs FinFETs and Nanowire MOSFETs.” Invited Keynote, Latin America Electron Devices Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, February 25-28, 2020. (abstract) (slides)

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