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Publications 2019

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RC-282 Cai, X., A. Vardi, J. Grajal, and J. A. del Alamo, “Reassessing InGaAs for Logic: Mobility Extraction in sub-10 nm Fin-Width FinFETs.” To be presented at IEEE VLSI Technology Symposium, Kyoto, Japan, June 9-14, 2019.

RJ-202 Zhao, X., A. Vardi and J. A. del Alamo, “Fin-Width Scaling of Highly-Doped InGaAs Fins.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 66, No. 6, pp. 2563-2568, June 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TED.2019.2912618. (paper)

RJ-201 Zhao, X., A. Vardi and J. A. del Alamo, “Excess OFF-State Current in InGaAs FinFETs: Physics of the Parasitic Bipolar Effect.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 66, No. 5, pp. 2113-2118, May 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TED.2019.2903912. (paper)

RJ-200 Kanhaiya, P. S., Y. Stein, W. Lu, J. A. del Alamo and M. M. Shulaker, “X3D: Heterogeneous Monolithic 3D Integration of “X” (Arbitrary) Nanowires: Silicon, III-V, and Carbon Nanotubes.” IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Vol. 18, pp. 270-273, 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TNANO.2019.2902114. (paper)

RC-281 Lee, E. S., L. Hurtado, J. Joh, S. Krishnan, S. Pendharkar, and J. A. del Alamo, “Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown under AC Stress in GaN MIS-HEMTs.” IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), Monterrey, CA, March 31-April 4, 2019. (preprint)

RJ-199 Lin, J., X. Zhao, I. Manglano, D. A. Antoniadis and J. A. del Alamo, “A Scaling Study of Excess OFF-State Current in InGaAs Quantum-Well MOSFETs.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 66, No. 3, pp. 1208-1212, March 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TED.2019.2891751. (paper)

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