MTL Fabrication

New User Orientation

Lab Facilities - Overview

Note: Before diffusion processes, must do RCA clean

Building Floor Plans

These are all downloadble PDF files (MIT Facilities).

Adobe PDF Building 39, Floor 2
Adobe PDF Building 39, Floor 3
Adobe PDF Building 39, Floor 4
Adobe PDF Building 39, Floor 5
Adobe PDF Building 39, Floor 6

To download CAD schematics, visit the Facilities website.

Mode of Operation

Fab Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Note: Toxic gases are shut off approx. 1/2 hour beflore closing

Two staff members on duty after 5PM
They can be reached by calling the "Lab-support phone:" 857-998-1916

Access tailored to process needs

All-call Pager (broadcast to intercoms. in labs)
Dial x8-9656.

Process Technology Committee (PTC)

The PTC is composed of  4 faculty, 4 students (who serve for 1 year), 1 rotating specialist and the Associate Director of Fab Operations, who chairs it.

It meets weekly to review and approve new ICL and TRL processes as well as all 24-hr status requests.

24-hr Users

24h-access to MTL is designed for experienced users who are very familiar with the lab. It is expected that a 24-hour user will not only know his/her own process but also be familiar with the cleanrooms in general and know how to respond to all situations that might be encountered after hours.

Users can request 24-hr status by sending a note to the PTC. If staff input on the request is positive, the PTC will conduct an oral safety interview with the applicant. If the request is approved, 24-hr status will allow the user to access the fab when there is no staff on duty, for doing processes that do not use toxic gases. There must be at least two 24-hr-qualified users (serving as buddy to each other) in the same fab at all times unless the user has been qualified for Remote Buddy status (see Remote Buddy SOP).

24-hr status is a privilege that can be revoked at any time for safety or fab protocol violations.



General Fab. Procedures

Getting a Process Started

To get a process started, a user:

For Equipment Problems

There are three mechanisms for reporting in CORAL, which will notify MTL staff and subscribed users via email:

For Process problems:

See the relevant Specialists and/or the Associate Director of Fab Operations.

New chemistry proposals:

To introduce a new chemical into the labs, submit the MSDS to both the PTC and the EHS Coordinator.

Research Results:

Submit to the MTL Annual Research Report every spring.


“This work was carried out in part through the use of MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories”

MTL FAB Code of Conduct

Since the MTL Fabs are shared facilities, violating these rules is unethical.

Machine Charge Chart

Viewable here - following this link will open up the Machine Charge Chart in a new window.