MTL Fabrication

MTL-ICLPC2.MIT.EDU - Standard Operating Procedure

CORAL Name: --
Model Number: WinTV-GO card in MTL-ICLPC2.MIT.EDU
Location: ICL
What it does: Image capturing device
Introduction: --



Please do not change any settings other than the ones mentioned here. The card is primarily meant for watching cable-tv on a pc, so many of the available options do not apply in our implementation and may interfere with its use in the lab. Also note: If the camera on the microscope is plugged in, it will be powered on - there is no on/off switch

To Capture Images Using the WinTV2000 software:

  1. Double-click on the WinTV2000 icon.
  2. If you see the image in the WinTV2000 window, you can capture the image by clicking on the SNAP button.

If there is nothing but static and snow in the WinTV2000 window, you'll
need to:

  1. Click on the MENU button, select DISPLAY from the menu, and select another video source, for example: EXT2
  2. Click on the MENU button again, select DISPLAY from the menu, and select EXT1

To save the image:

  1. Right-click over the small "thumbnail" version of the image in the PHOTOS window
  2. Choose "SAVE TO FILE" from the menu
  3. Browse to your home directory - the Z: drive - give the image a name, and press SAVE.

To change the size of the image to be captured:

  1. Choose MENU ->CONFIGURE -> SNAPSHOTS and choose a different size.

(Note: this will become the default size until you change it back)

After a reboot, the WinTV2000 window may come up with a static/snowy

As mentioned above, to fix this select another video source and then
select EXT1 again.


Select MENU -> DISPLAY -> EXT2
Select MENU -> DISPLAY -> EXT1

Author: T. Turner/B. Maloney, 10/03