MTL Fabrication

E-beam - Standard Operating Procedure

CORAL Name: e-beam
Model Number: --
Location: ICL
What it does: Evaporative Deposition System


  1. Only users trained in the operation of the Ebeam CMOS are allowed access to the system.
  2. Avoid placing fingers or foreign objects between the door and the chamber edge while the lid is closing. Personal injury or damage to the machine could result.
  1. Check Equipment Reservations in CORAL to insure that you reserved the correct machine for the correct date. Another user may have reservations. It is your responsibility to honor them, if this is the case.
  2. In CORAL Use the "ENGAGE" command from the “EQUIPMENT ACTIONS” drop window, followed by “ENTER RUN DATA” from the “ROUTINE ACTIONS” drop window for the equipment that you are about to use. Insure that the correct facility is set (ICL) and that your lot name is entered correctly. Enter the number of wafers that you are processing and the film type as well as the thickness of the deposition you’re planning to do.
  3. Venting the system: This procedure will take approximately 5-7 minutes for completion.
    1. On the Ion Gauge Controller Press the button labeled IG1. (This will turn the ion gauge OFF)
    2. On the vacuum controller press the (red) System STOP button.
    3. On the vacuum controller press the (Yellow) System Vent button.
  4. Following the instructions given during the training, proceed to remove the planetary in the chamber Using the planetary holder as instructed.
  5. Use a vacuum hose to vacuum out any debris and flakes from the process chamber.
  6. Switch the shutter to “Open” position, and load the material you are planning to used for your deposition, taking note what pocket of the hearth you are Using. (Pocket A is reserved for Al only). Switch the shutter back to “Auto
  7. Load your wafers onto the planetary facing down, insuring they are held by both clips on the side that will NOT be processed.
  8. Re-install the planetary on the chamber as previously instructed.
  9. Wipe the O-ring; hold close the chamber lid, while pressing the (green) System Start button on the Vacuum controller. The chamber will go to high Vacuum. It will take approximately 3.5 hours for 5e-7 chamber pressure to be achieved. DO NOT Disengage the system during this time.
  10. Find the film you are planning to use in the process binder located by the system. Unlock the “Deposition Controller” and enter the desired process for the material you are planning to deposit on your wafers, obtained from the e-beam binder. When done, insure to lock the “Deposition Controller"
  11. After correct vacuum pressure has been obtained:
    1. Turn ON Main Power Supply,
    2. Turning ON the High Voltage Controller
    3. Turn ON the Electron Gun Controller.
    4. Test the filament current by depressing the testing switch. The needle should indicate about .2 Amps
  12. On the Deposition Controller, press the reset button to insure it all begins at zero.
  13. Press the start button on the Deposition controller to begin your process. (the timer begins running, and your deposition will be in progress)
  14. After the LED indicating Process Complete had turned ON, allow 20minutes before the next step is performed.
  15. Repeat step number 3 from this procedure (This will vent the chamber after the process is done)
  16. Remove your wafers and place the planetary back in the chamber.
  17. NOTE: When the deposition has been Ni (Nickel) you MUST load an Al target, set the Deposition controller for an aluminum deposition process and perform a deposition of 1000Å (100nm) to coat the entire chamber in order to avoid cross contamination to other users’ process
  18. When done, In CORAL Use the "DISENGAGE" command from the “EQUIPMENT ACTIONS” drop window to complete your operation. Enter all pertinent information as required.
Author: Paudely Zamora Rev E. June 27, 2006