MTL Fabrication

Coater6 - Standard Operating Procedure

CORAL Name: coater6
Model Number: SSI-150
Location: ICL
What it does: photoresist coat and develop tracks.

The SSI150, named coater6, is a three tracks photoresist coat and develop system. The front track, track1, performs the resist coating functions while the center, track2, and rear, track3, perform the resist develop process. The user interface for operations and programming is by way of a keyboard and/or a softkeypad within the LCD display.

Wafer operations are selected from recipes lists. Recipes are created by the user by editing a formatted recipe template. The operations display gives a real time status of all sections of the three tracks and gives descriptions and locations of all fault conditions.


Use caution when operating coater6 as there are mechanical pinch points and there are hot surfaces that may be exposed. The mechanical pinch points are:

  • elevators- keep hands out of elevator wells. Do not remove a cassette until it is at home in the
    top position.
  • Slide ramps- these ramps deliver wafers to and from the spin chambers. Keep hands away from
    the slide ramps while they are operating.

Chamber enclosure- Do not look down into spin chamber while it is operating.
NEVER operate the HMDS ovens if the top covers are not in place. HMDS and N2 ovens should always have top covers on them, but use caution if you are Using the N2 ovens when they are not in place.

Always wear safety glasses when in the ICL.
Do not use coater6 when gowned in acid protective gear.



Before Using this machine you must reserve coater6 in CORAL.
Before Using this machine you must engage coater6 in CORAL.

Place wafer cassette on the indexer to the left side. Make sure the boat sits on the indexer switch.
Choose a coat recipe. The display shows the present recipe on the right side of the status area.
To select the recipe that is loaded press [F4]then [1] for track 1. This will start the process.
To select a different recipe press[F7] (recipe), then [1] (track 1), then [Esc] (to enable display list), then use [ < > ] arrows to select recipe, the [cr] to download it.
Then select [F4] , [1] to start the process.
When all wafers have completed processing, press [F2], [1], to raise the cassette.
If you no longer need the tracks you should disengage CORAL. If you Will be Using the developer tracks, you should keep the CORAL session open.

Place cassette on the right side indexer.
Download the correct recipe, [F7] key to select, as above.
Select [F4], [track #] to run
Select [F2], [track #] to RESET any wafer transport problems or other irregularities.
Select [F2], [track #] to lift output cassette when finished.
Disengage from CORAL (with appropriate entries) when you’re done.

The track configurations are as follows:
for the coater, track1:

track configuration image

The developers, tracks 2 & 3, have the same configuration…

track configuration image

Each track will automatically process wafers in a cassette to cassette operation where each section
can either perform it’s operation or pass the wafer through. No manual operation
This system will accept all ICL compatible 6” wafers. No gold contaminated wafers , 4” Si wafers or
wafer pieces are allowed.

Author: Paul Tierney, 9/02. <>, rev. 8/03