MTL Fabrication

Centura - Standard Operating Procedure

CORAL Name: centura
Model Number: Applied Materials Centura 5200
Location: ICL
What it does: chemical vapop deposition
Introduction: The Centura CVD System is a fully automated Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Using single-wafer, multi-chamber design. The system deposits thin dielectric films used in semiconductor manufacturing on 6” (150mm) wafers.

The Load-lock cassette door closes under pneumatic pressure. Avoid placing fingers or foreign objects between the door and the chamber edge while the door is closing.  Personal injury or damage to the machine could result.

  1. In CORAL Use the "ENGAGE" command to get screen control of the system.
  2. Log In:  This action must be done in order to gain access to the system: Click under Applied Materials CENTURA system 5200 title (top of the screen).
  3. User Name:  USER <Enter>     Password:   USER <Enter>
    Click on PROCESSING

  4. Main Screen: Follow the drop-window sequence bellow to access such screen: Wafer -> Monitor Wafers
  5. Put System in Manual (Note: If the system is already in manual, You can go to step-5. Manual can be determined by the white color of  the “System” and “Wafer” drop-windows) If  not in manual: From main screen:   Wafer  ->  Stop  ->   System  ->    Control System  -> Automatic  ->  Manual                 
  6. Open Load Lock A:  From Main Screen (step-3): Wafer -> Load/unload A.
  7. Loading your Wafers : Use the Cassette from the load lock. Wafers ought to be placed in every slot starting on slot #1
  8. Load Sequence:From Main Screen (step-3):  -> System --> Control System. Click on Sequence Selection. Look for the desired sequence (they are in alphabetical order)
  9. Close Load Lock:From Main Screen (step-3): Wafer -> Load/unload A  (it will take a few minutes for base pressure and wafer mapping to take place)
  10. Put System in Automatic: From Main Screen (step-3): System  ->Control system   -> Manual -> Automatic    - Click on “confirm wafer position” red title at the bottom.
  11. Start Your Run: From Main Screen (step-3): Wafer->RUN
  12. Finishing Your Run: NOTE:  Wait for the “Ready for Unload” to be displayed by the Load Lock., before placing the system in manual. (it  will take a few minutes after the last wafer is placed back in the load lock)
  13. Put system in Manual: From Main Screen (step-3): Wafer -> Stop -> System -> Control System -> Automatic-> Manual.
  14. Remove your Wafers: From Main Screen (step-3): Wafer -> Load/unload A.
  15. Close load lock: From Main Screen (step-3): Wafer -> Close Door A.
  16. In CORAL Use the "DISENGAGE” to complete your operation.
Author: Paudely Zamora, Rev. H, June 16, 2005