MTL Fabrication

New User Orientation

Inside the Lab

How to get your research lot started

Once you have a PTC-approved process you can begin working in the fab. If this is the first time you use a given machine, you will have to be trained and qualified in it by the specialist in charge (see “Training Chart”).

Make reservations in CORAL for the tools you will need. Please be sure to be in the lab in time for your reservations – if you are not there within 15 mins of the starting time, another user can “take” your reservation. If, for whatever reason, you no longer need a reservation you have made, please cancel it as soon as possible so others can use that machine.

Tip: Give a descriptive name to each of your research lots and use it consistently in each of your CORAL entries. This way, you can use the CORAL reporting functions to retrieve the fabrication history of that lot.

How to obtain supplies

MTL maintains a limited supply of 6” Si wafers, wafer carriers, notebooks etc. for user convenience. You can obtain them from 39-221 by completing the Supply Request forms. Your group account number will be charged for these items.

If you need special tools or supplies you will have to obtain them yourself (from catalogues, the Web, etc). Pllease be sure to get permission from the staff before you bring these items into the fabs. Many of them will probably already be in the fab for community use.

How to receive training on fab machines

Training is done on your "real" wafers, on machines required by your process flow, in the order that the process calls for. It is ok to include “monitor” wafers as part of your lot and use them during a training session for process characterization purposes. If you are in ICL or TRL, this process flow is what the PTC approved for you. Any changes of machines or sequence require staff and/or PTC permission.

Make reservations in CORAL for the tools you will need.

Contact the specialists in charge (see “Training Chart”) and let them know the date and time of your reservations; they will do their best to adapt their schedule to fit your reservations. If this is the first time you use a given machine, the specialist will pre-qualify you in CORAL, so you can access the reservation screen. After training you, the specialist will qualify you on that tool. This qualification is contingent on your continued proper use of the tool – it will be withdrawn if either your performance or absence from the lab calls for it. You can request a refresher training session at any time; the staff is always available to answer your questions and much prefers to re-train a user than to repair the tool!

Personal space in the lab

There is limited shelf space for storage of wafers and personal fabware in the labs. Any open shelf space may be used. Wafers are often shelved together by research group. Users should not move other users’ belongings to make space for theirs. All finished wafers and any personal fabware that is no longer needed should be removed from the cleanrooms asap. All wafer boxes and fabware should be labeled with the owner’s MTL username and date in which it was brought in.

Notebooks are kept in special racks.

Quartzware and other utensils for wet processing in TRL are kept together and color coded for correct usage (see TRL-Specific Issuesand TRL Color Coding Scheme).

Normally, gown lockers are shared by several users (1 user per hook).

Please do not use gown lockers for storage of supplies, coats etc. A fewlockers are available for this use outside of the fabs.

Using Outside Resources


Please contact the Photo Specialist about including MTL-specific alignment features in your mask design. Contact mask vendor for guidance on file transfer and other requirements. Some mask vendors are:

You can also make a quick turn-around mask Using the Heidelberg Direct Write laser System. You can obtain a Heidelberg work-order form in 39-221.

Ion Implants

MTL does not administer purchase of implant services. Contact the ion implant company directly for information and shipping requirements. An implant vendor we have used successfully is:

Innovion -

Specialty Wafers

MTL stocks standard test/prime <100> 6” Silicon. Here are some pointers to non-standard types: