MTL Fabrication

IDenticard Access Group List

The following is a list of Access Areas and the IDenticard Readers belonging to that area. This information is subject to change without notice. Please confirm access areas and codes with the Operations staff.

Last updated 2010/12/14

Access Area Readers
ICL-Fab (2) 39-299 In (ICL Entrance)
39-299 Out (ICL Entrance)
ICL-Pkg (4) 39-235 In (ICL CMP, Diesaw)
39-312 In (ICL Wirebonder, Tech Room)
ICL-Chase (8) 39-201 In (ICL Observation)
39-204A In (ICL Chase)
39-238 In (ICL Chase)
39-277 In (ICL Diffusion, Chase)
TRL-Fab (16) 39-403 In (TRL Entrance)
39-403 Out (TRL Entrance)
TRL-Chase (32) 39-438 In (TRL Observation)
39-412 In (TRL Chase)
EML (64) 39-538 In (EML Entrance)
GRL (128) 39-538B In (GRL Entrance)
SEM (256) 39-429A In (SEM Entrance)
NSL (512) 39-477A In (NSL Outer Entrance)
39-481 In (NSL Inner Entrance)
38-161 In (NSL Entrance)
38-177 In (NSL Entrance)
CSR (1024) 37-482A In (CSR Entrance)
37-484 In (CSR Entrance)
EPI (2048) 39-528 In (EPI Entrance)
ServerRm (4096) 39-314 In (Server Room)