MTL Fabrication


TRL user

This section is geared towards individuals who will be making use of MTL's fabrication facilities.

Access to this space is granted based on several prerequisites geared toward making the user's lab experiences safe and productive. Users should have some prior microfabrication experience plus current billing information on file with the MTL Fiscal Office (explored further in this section of the site under Becoming an MTL User). Our new users complete their orientation and safety training online.

We also provide information of use to the community, including several machine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the lab written by the MTL fabrication facilities staff and a Process Matrix explaining our capabilites in an at-a-glance format. Additionally, you can find out who to contact for training, consultation, or other facility/machine issues.

Common Object Representation for Advanced Laboratories, or CORAL, is a suite of software tools designed to help with the management and operations of labs such as MTL. MTL fab users will make use of CORAL to reserve equipment, engage/disengage equipment in the lab, collect data for each process run, and track maintenance records. CORAL has a mechanism to only allow trained users to operate any particular piece of equipment based on a qualification process. Without CORAL, a user cannot work in the MTL fabrication facilities. We offer a CORAL guide on these pages as well.