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Polina Anikeeva
  • Neuroprosthetic materials and devices: chemistry, device physics, fabrication and testing in biological systems. Minimally invasive neural stimulation.

Dimitri A. Antoniadis
  • Collaborators T. Equi, FCRP Materials, Structures, and Devices Focus Center, Executive Director L. Wei, Post-Doctoral Fellow S. Rakheja, Post-Doctoral Fellow…

Marc Baldo
  • Molecular electronics, integration of biological materials and conventional electronics, electrical and exciton transport in organic materials, energy transfer, metal-organic contacts, low energy transistors

Karl K. Berggren
  • Superconductive nanodevice physics and applications; nanofabrication methods, processes, and tool-development for application to quantum computing, electron and photon emission, and single-photon detection.

Duane S. Boning
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) of processes, devices, and integrated circuits. Characterization and modeling of variation in semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing, with emphasis on chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP), electroplating, plasma etch, and embossing processes. Statistical modeling of spatial and operating variation in advanced devices and circuits.

V. Michael Bove, Jr.
  • Sensing, display, user interface, and computation for consumer electronics applications, particularly self-organizing ecosystems of devices. Advanced data representations for multimedia.

Vladimir Bulović
  • Physical properties of organic and organic/inorganic nanocrystal composite thin films and structures, and development of nanostructured electronic and optoelectronic devices. Applications of nanostructured materials in large-scale technologies.

Anantha Chandrakasan
  • Design of digital integrated circuits and systems. Energy efficient implementation of signal processing, communication and medical systems. Circuit design with emerging technologies.

Luca Daniel
  • Numerical techniques: uncertainty quantification for high dimensional parameter spaces; Green function specific and basis function specific integral equation solvers for complex systems; Parameterized model order reduction for linear and nonlinear dynamical systems with preservation of physical properties. Applications include simulation/modeling/robust optimization for: nano-devices (cmos mems resonators, silicon photonic devices, analog RF circuits and inductors),human cardiovascular circulatory system, and high resolution parallel transmission Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems.

Jesús A. del Alamo
  • Compound semiconductor transistor technologies for RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications. Nanometer-scale III-V compound semiconductor transistors for future digital applications. Reliability of compound semiconductor transistors. Technology and pedagogy of online laboratories for engineering education.

Mildred Dresselhaus
  • Carbon nanostructures including nanotubes and graphene

Dirk Englund
  • Dirk Englund focuses his research on developing scalable semiconductor quantum information processing devices and systems, quantum enhanced sensors, and nanophotonic and electro-optic devices.

Nicholas X Fang
  • Nanophotonic and acoustic materials and devices; physics, nanofabrication, instrumentation

Eugene Fitzgerald
  • Materials and devices: lattice-mismatched materials, III-V’s, IV’s, dielectrics; deposition including MOCVD; innovation and commercialization

Clifton G. Fonstad, Jr.
  • Compound semiconductor heterostructure devices and physics. Optoelectronics: laser diodes, photodiodes, quantum effect devices, and optoelctronic integrated circuits. Monolithic heterogeneous integration. µ-scale thermophotovoltaics.

Jongyoon Han
  • Nanofluidic / Microfluidic technologies for advanced biomolecule analysis and sample preparation: cell and molecular sorting, novel nanofluidic phenomena, biomolecule separation and pre-concentration, seawater desalination and water purification, neurotechnology

Judy L. Hoyt
  • Semiconductor devices. Fabrication and device physics of silicon-based heterostructures and nanostructures. High mobility Si and Ge-channel MOSFETs, nanowire FETs, novel transistor structures, silicon based photovoltaics, and silicon-germanium photodetectors for electronic/photonic integrated circuits.

Qing Hu
  • Physics and applications of millimeter-wave, terahertz, and infrared devices.

Sang-Gook Kim
  • Energy harvesting, PZT MEMS, MEMS by ink jet printing, carbon nanotube assembly, nano-enabled energy devices,

Jing Kong
  • Synthesis, characterization and applications of carbon-based nanomaterials (nanotubes and graphene) and other inorganic nanomaterials.

Jeffrey H. Lang
  • Analysis, design and control of electro-mechanical systems with application to traditional electromagnetic actuators, micro/nano-scale actuators and sensors (MEMS), and flexible structures.

Hae-Seung Lee
  • Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, with a particular emphasis in data conversion circuits in scaled CMOS.

Scott Manalis
  • Collaborators A. Amon, MIT M. Kirschner, Harvard T. Jacks, MIT K. Ligon, DFCI P. Mallick, USC D. Sabatini, MIT M….

Ichiro Masaki
  • VLSI architecture. Emphasis on interrelationship among applications, systems, algorithms, and chip architectures. Major application fields include intelligent transportation systems, video, and multimedia.

Allan S. Myerson
  • Fundamental studies of nucleation, polymorphism, impurity-crystal interactions, novel separation methods, continuous crystallization and industrial applications.

Tomás Palacios
  • Design, fabrication and characterization of novel electronic devices in wide bandgap semiconductors and graphene; polarization and bandgap engineering; transistors for sub-mm wave power and digital applications; new ideas for power conversion and generation; interaction of biological systems with semiconductor materials and devices; transistors based on nanowires two dimensional materials.

Li-Shiuan Peh
  • On-chip networks; Parallel architectures, mobile computing

David Perreault
  • Power electronics and energy conversion, electronic circuit design, control. Applications to industrial, commercial, scientific, transportation, biomedical, communications and energy systems.

Rajeev J Ram
  • Research Staff J. Orcutt, Res. Sci. G. Singh, Post-doc. Assc. Graduate Students S. Goh, Res. Asst., DMSE K. Mehta, Res….

Charles G. Sodini
  • Electronics and integrated circuit design and technology; technology intensive integrated circuit and systems design, with application toward medical electronic devices and wireless communication emphasizing analog signal processing and RF integrated circuits.

Carl V. Thompson
  • Processing and property optimization of thin films and nanostructures for applications in electronic , micorelectromechanical, and electromechanical devices and systems. Interconnect and device reliability.

William A. Tisdale
  • Charge, heat, and excitonic energy transport in nanostructured materials and devices. Ultrafast and nonlinear optical spectroscopy & imaging. Nanomaterials process engineering, with particular emphasis on colloidal quantum dots (semiconductor nanocrystals).

Harry L. Tuller
  • Energy related materials, micro-fuel cells, solar assisted water splitting, resonant and chemoresistive sensors, solid state ionics, thin film transistors, MEMS structures and devices.

Luis Fernando Velásquez-García
  • Micro- and nano-enabled multiplexed scaled-down systems for space, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and analytical applications. Carbon nanotubes, silicon carbide; electrospray, electrospinning, field emission, field-enabled ionization; electrical and chemical nanosatellite propulsion, plasma sensors, portable mass spectrometry, high-voltage 3D MEMS packaging, x-ray sources, tactile displays and sensors, ultracapacitors.

Joel Voldman
  • Microtechnology for basic cell biology, applied cell biology, and human health; Microsystems for stem cell biology;

Evelyn N. Wang
  • Heat and mass transport at the micro- and nano-scales, nanoengineered surfaces, and thermal microdevices for applications in thermal management, solar thermal energy conversion, and water desalination.

Brian L. Wardle
  • Nano-engineered composites; nanocomposites; nanostructure synthesis and characterization, MEMS Power Devices and Energy Harvesting; Advanced Composite Materials and Systems; Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Mechanics; Durability Modeling/Testing; Finite-Element Modeling; Structural Response and Testing; Buckling Mechanics