MTL Memo Series, 2013

MTL maintains a comprehensive Memo Series covering the activities of MTL and related microsystems research at MIT. A chronological list of memos issued from 2012 appears below. Copies of MTL Memos are available online exclusively to members of the Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) at MTL.

MIG members are invited to sign up for an account that will grant them access to these materials in a password-protected directory. Visit our website for more information and current memos.

Memo # Title Author(s)
13-2152 A Long-Term Wearable Electrocardiogram Measurement System Maggie K. Delano and Charles G. Sodini
13-2153 Quantitative Analysis of Anisotropic Edge Retraction During Solid-State Dewetting of Thin Single Crystal Films Gye Hyun Kim
13-2154 Fabrication and Optimization of Light Emitting Devices with Core-Shell Quantum Dots Katherine Wei Song
13-2155 Amplitude and Phase Modulation Techniques for an Asymmetric Multi-Level Outphasing Transmitter Gilad Yahalom
13-2156 Mechanical Property Characterization of Metal Nano-particle Films for MEMS Devices Eric Wing-Jing Lam
13-2157 A Statically Scheduling Compiler for a Parameterized Numerical Accelerator Andrew Charles Wright
13-2158 Ordered Mesh Network Interconnect (OMNI): Design and Implementation of In-Network Coherence Suvinay Subramanian
13-2159 Chemical and Physical Methods of the Templated Direction of Block Copolymers Samuel M. Nicaise
13-2160 Energy Efficient Control for Power Management Circuits operating from nano-watts to watts Saurav Bandyopadhyay
13-2161 Characterization of Third Order Nonlinearities in TiO2 Waveguides at 1550 nm Katia Shtyrkova
13-2162 Electro-chemical Stimulation of Neuromuscular Systems Using Ion-Selective Membranes: Flexible Device Fabrication and Motor Unit Recruitment Order Ragheb Mohamad Fawaz El Khaja
13-2163 An Electronically Steered, Wearable Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System Sabino Joseph Pietrangelo
13-2164 Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for RF and Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers Olumuyiwa Temitope Ogunnika
13-2165 Compressively Strained Ge Trigate p-MOSFETs Winston Chern
13-2166 Nano-scale Metal Contacts for Future III-V CMOS Alex Guo
13-2167 Model Predictive Control Equalization for High-Speed IO Links Amr A. Suleiman
13-2168 AlGaN/GaN-based Power Semiconductor Switches Bin Lu
13-2169 Phase Manipulation for Efficient Radio Frequency Transmission Taylor Wallis Barton
13-2170 Investigating Thermal Dependence on Monolithically-Integrated Photonic Interconnects Yu-Hsin Chen
13-2171 Building Compressed Sensing Systems: Sensors and Analog-to-Information Converters Omid Salehi-Abari
13-2172 Integration of Pentacene-Based Thin Film Transistors via Photolithography for Low and High Voltage Applications Melissa Alyson Smith
13-2173 Harvesting Energy from Non-ideal Vibrations Samuel C. Chang