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Issue 2012.2

Friends and colleagues,

The latest technical achievements of MTL students and faculty, our numerous summer awards, and the inauguration of the MTL Prof. Rafael Reif as the 17th president of MIT, highlight this newsletter. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to spotlight the successes of our alumni and industry members, so send us a note and share your story through any of our social media channels. We love hearing from you.

Vladimir Bulović, MTL Director

One-molecule-thick material has big advantages
August 23, 2012

molybdenum disulfide

MTL researchers produce complex electronic circuits from molybdenum disulfide, a material that could have many more applications.

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MTL-developed microthrusters could propel small satellites (VIDEO)
August 17, 2012

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As small as a penny, these thrusters run on jets of ion beams.

»

New Study finds link between cell division and growth rate
August 6, 2012

molybdenum disulfide

Findings answer puzzling question of how cells know when to progress through the cell cycle.

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Chips with self-assembling rectangles
July 19, 2012

chip illustration

New technique allows production of complex microchip structures in one self-assembling step.

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New chip captures power from multiple sources
July 9, 2012

chip illustration

System developed at MIT could combine power harvested from light, heat, and vibrations to run monitoring systems.

»
Researchers explain how dye-based nanotubes can help harvest light's energy
July 6, 2012


Tiny cylinders help reveal how natural-light-harvesting antennae collect light with exceptional efficiency.

»
Better surfaces could help dissipate heat
June 26, 2012


Heat transfer in everything from computer chips to powerplants could be improved through new analysis of surface textures.

»
All-carbon solar cell harnesses infrared light
June 21, 2012

solar cells

This new type of photovoltaic device harnesses heat radiation from solar energy output that most solar cells ignore.

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Sharper ultrasound images could improve diagnostics
June 19, 2012

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New system developed at MIT allows precise measurements and tracking of disease progression.

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Teaching self-assembling structures a new trick (VIDEO)
June 7, 2012

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MIT researchers produce 3-D configurations that could lead to new microchips and other devices.

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Mechanical engineering's condiment-bottle coating gives waste the slip (VIDEO)
June 1, 2012

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MIT $100K competition runner-up LiquiGlide developed out of Varanasi group.

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L. Rafael Reif selected as MIT's 17th president
May 16, 2012

L. Rafael Reif

Former MTL director and Institute provost since 2005, Reif has inspired innovation and played a critical role in the financial stewardship of the Institute.

»
In search of new ways of producing nano-materials
May 9, 2012

Jing Kong

Prof. Jing Kong pioneered a new method of producing large sheets of graphene and continues to work on improving it.

»

Their own devices
April 18, 2012

MEDRC graphic

MIT's Medical Electronic Device Realization Center forges a path connecting microelectronics and new health-care tools.

»

MEMS Switches for Low-Power Logic
April 2012

MEMS relay

A modern twist on a trusted old technology—the electromechanical relay—could lead to ultra low-power chips.

»

Jesus del Alamodel Alamo receives SRC 2012 Technical Excellence Award

Recognized for his key contributions to technologies that significantly enhance the productivity of the semiconductor industry.
»
Dana WeinsteinWeinstein Receives Intel Early Career Honor

Awarded to those faculty members who show great promise as future academic leaders in disruptive computing technologies.
»
Anantha ChandrakasanChandrakasan receives 2013 IEEE Pederson Award

Distinguished with IEEE's most prestigious honor in the field of semiconductor circuits for "pioneering techniques in low-power digital and analog CMOS design."
»
Pablo Jarillo-HerreroJarillo-Herrero among five PECASE winners at MIT

Bestowed the U.S. government's highest science and engineering honor for pioneering research on quantum transport phenomena in graphene and topological insulators.
»
Donghyn JinDonghyun Jin
is ISPSD '12 Charitat Award Runner-up

Honored at ISPSD in June for his paper, "Mechanisms responsible for dynamic ON-resistance in GaN high-voltage HEMTs."
Silvija Gradečak Gradečak wins Nano Letters young investigator award

Awarded for her contributions as a young investigator who made a major impact on the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

The Inauguration of
L. Rafael Reif

Graduation Reception

On Friday, September 21, 2012, the global family of MIT will gather on campus for the inauguration of Rafael Reif as MIT's 17th president.

MTL Graduation 2012

Graduation Reception

MTL's annual reception for graduates took place on June 1, 2012, with the usual fun, fanfare, and food that all have come to enjoy after Commencement! The photos are accessible on MTL's Flickr page.


Save the date: January 29, 2013!
Also of Note

Center for Excitonics
MTL is pleased to announce its newest partner in research, the Center for Excitonics, led by Prof. Marc Baldo. With a focus on the development of low cost devices that utilize excitons to mediate the flow of energy better than traditional electronics, the center is a welcome addition to our family of laboratories.

Fabrication Facilities Access
MTL's Fabrication Facilities Access Program, FFA, opens up MTL labs to industrial users in need of high quality micro/nano fabrication facilities. To enhance our service, we changed the fee structure, making the program even more attractive to small companies. Find out more by contacting Dr. Vicky Diadiuk, MTL Associate Director,
Recent Publications
Scaling of High-Aspect-Ratio Current Limiters for the Individual Ballasting of Large Arrays of Field Emitters, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2012
Solid-state dewetting of thin films, Annual Review of Materials Research, 2012
Liquid Freezing Dynamics on Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic Surfaces, Journal of Heat Transfer, Aug. 2012
High-damping carbon nanotube hinged micromirrors, Small, 2012
Probing embryonic stem cell autocrine and paracrine signaling Using microfluidics, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, v 5, p 293-315, July 2012
A Monolithically-Integrated Optical Receiver in Standard 45-nm SOI, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, v 47, n 7, p 1693-702, July 2012
A 12 b 5-to-50 MS/s 0.5-to-1 V Voltage Scalable Zero-Crossing Based Pipelined ADC, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2012
Out of thin air: Energy scavenging and the path to ultralow-voltage operation, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine, 2012
Single photon counting from individual nanocrystals in the infrared, Nano Letters, 2012
Van der Waals epitaxy of MoS2 layers Using graphene as growth templates, Nano Letters, 2012
Structured surfaces for enhanced pool boiling heat transfer, Applied Physics Letters, 2012
Study of field driven electroluminescence in colloidal quantum dot solids, Journal of Applied Physics, 2012
Graphene electronics for RF applications, IEEE Microwave Magazine, 2012
Submicron mapping of thermal conductivity of thermoelectric thin films, Journal of Electronic Materials, 2012
Open foundry platform for high-performance electronic-photonic integration, Optics Express, 2012
An electrically pumped Germanium laser, Optics Express, 2012
Vertical emitting aperture nanoantennas, Optics Letters, 2012
Leveraging smartphone cameras for collaborative road advisories, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2012
Virtual-source-based self-consistent current and charge FET models: From ballistic to drift-diffusion velocity-saturation operation, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2012
Faculty Profiles
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
Nicholas Fang
Evelyn Wang
Michael Watts
Short Circuits

MTL welcomes new employees Phoebe Biagiotti and Grace Lindsay to the MTL community!

Congratulations to Coleen Kinsella and proud father Donald Milley on the birth of their daughter, Fiona Violet, born July 20th!

Our thanks to Ameerah Schmidt for her help during Coleen's absence.

MTL Annual Research Report 2012

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MTL Seminar Series

The Fall 2012 MTL Seminar Series is starting soon. To see what's in store for the fall semester, visit the seminar series homepage.