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Core Faculty Profile: Michael Watts

September 11, 2012

This is part of an ongoing series about new MTL core faculty members.

Watts_Michael.jpgProfessor Michael R. Watts joined the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2010 and is heading the Photonic Microsystems Group. His research focuses on photonic microsystems for low-power communications, sensing, and microwave-photonics applications, where through development of microphotonic elements, circuits, and systems his photonic circuit designs often enable fundamental advantages over traditional implementations. His microphotonic devices are combined to form large-scale circuits and systems, such as low power inter-chip networks, thermal imagers, nanophotonic phased-arrays for high-speed beam-steering, and optical-microwave oscillators for precision timing. His latest interests include the modeling, fabrication, and testing of large-scale implementations of microphotonic circuits, systems, and networks that are being integrated--directly or through hybrid techniques--with CMOS electronics for high-speed transmitting, switching, and routing applications of digital signals.