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Core Faculty Profile: Nick Fang

September 14, 2012

This is part of an ongoing series about new MTL core faculty members.

fang_web.jpgProf. Nick Fang joined the department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT in January of 2011. His work seeks to bridge new frontiers in nanophotonics and nanomanufacturing. Prof. Fang's research concentrates on creating devices for focusing photons and sound into nanometer scale and using them for high-resolution imaging, high-speed/low-cost optical modulation devices, high sensitivity biology sensors, and novel nanofabrication techniques. These devices and technologies could lead, for example, to new methods of diagnosing living cells with molecular scale details, without the use of an electron microscope, and open the door for the non-destructive screening of drugs and other biological materials. Prof. Fang's high-throughput micro/nano-fabrication techniques are developed to manufacture novel 2D/3D structures, pioneering the work in the study of acoustic meta-material, which can lead to demonstrations of the negative index media and super-high-resolution focusing of ultrasonic waves.