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Issue 2012.1

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Vladimir Bulović, MTL Director

Del Alamo awarded 2012 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award in Emerging Research Devices
April 10, 2012

del Alamo

Recognized by Intel with the 2012 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award in Emerging Research Devices for his "Feasibility Study of InGaAs-based Quantum-Well Field-Effect Transistors for Ultra High Speed, Low Power Logic Applications."


Chips as mini Internets
April 10, 2012


The data-routing techniques that undergird the Internet could increase the efficiency of multicore chips while lowering their power requirements.


How to corner the MEMS market
April 6, 2012


Government investment in the manufacture of micromachines could pay huge dividends, but in the meantime, MIT researchers are developing new fabrication techniques.


Transistors promise more powerful logic, more logical power
March 12, 2012


Research could affect U.S. manufacturing indirectly, by helping introduce products difficult to build elsewhere, and directly, by reducing production costs.


Additive Boosts Organic Solar Cell Efficiency
March 8, 2012


Chemistry Prof. Tim Swager in collaboration with MTL director Prof. Vladimir Bulović, graduate student Jose Lobez, and Dr. Trisha Andrew, constructed blended heterojunction polymeric photovoltaic cells that show a 30% power conversion efficiency increase when doped with a small amount of a polymer additive.


Microchips' Optical Future
March 8, 2012

MTL Profs. Vladimir Stojanovic, Rajeev Ram, Michael Watts, and Lionel Kimerling demonstrate a path towards integrated optoelectronic chips—chips that use light rather than electricity to move data.


MIT GaN Energy Initiative Kickoff Meeting
April 24, 2012

Applied Materials group photo
GaN kickoff attendees

This inter-departmental program brings together MIT researchers and industrial partners to advance the science and engineering of GaN-based materials and devices for energy applications.


MTL Day at Applied Materials
April 24, 2012

Applied Materials group photo
Tomas Palacios and David Kyser

A group of MTL students, post docs and faculty visited the Applied Materials campus in Santa Clara, California on April 11, 2012 presenting the latest technical achievements of nine MTL research laboratories to more than 5o members of Applied Materials technical staff, including the CTO Dr. Om Nalamasu.


Tunç Doluca at MTL
March 13, 2012

Tunc Doluca

On March 13 Maxim Integrated Products President and CEO Tunç Doluca gave a Distinguished Seminar lecture entitled "Analog & Sensor Integration: Driving the Next Wave of Industry Growth." His talk presented the possibilities raised by the integration of sensors into devices beyond the consumer market, such as in the medical, automotive, industrial, and energy markets. An entire new class of intelligent devices is on the horizon!


MIG Standing Ovation Award

Standing Ovation Award
Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan was presented with the Standing Ovation Award at the MTL Industrial Advisory Group Meeting on January 21, 2012 to honor his five-year leadership of MTL. He was declared the "King of Joules." » READ MORE...

NSF Career Award

Dana Weinstein
Prof. Dana Weinstein

New Faces of Engineering Award for Alum Vivienne Sze

Vivienne Sze
MTL alum Vivienne Sze, formerly of Prof. Chandrakasan's research group and presently employed by Texas Instruments, was nominated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to receive the "New Faces of Engineering" award.

Lemerson-MIT Award for Solar Cells on Paper
Dr. Miles Barr

SEMI Award
QD Vision team: Profs. Vladimir Bulovic and Moungi Bawendi, with alumni Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, Dr. Jonathan S. Steckel, and their QD Vision colleague Dr. John Ritter

MIT CICS/MTL Reception at ISSCC 2012

MTL hosted its fourth MIT CICS/MTL reception at the ISSCC 2012 conference at the end of February, attended by over 100 alumni. The photos are accessible on MTL's Flickr page.

MEDRC Makes Health Gadgets for the Future

Self-aware computing project named a 'world changing' idea by Scientific American

15 Recent Publications
Tri-gate normally-off GaN power MISFET, IEEE Electron Device Letters 2012.
A 28 nm 0.6 V low power DSP for mobile applications, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 2012.

Resonant carrier scattering by core-shell nanoparticles for thermoelectric power factor enhancement, Applied Physics Letters 2012.

Layer-by-layer deposition of all-nanoparticle multilayers in confined geometries, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2012.

Quantifying particle coatings using high-precision mass measurements, Analytical Chemistry 2012.

Design and analysis of a hardware-efficient compressed sensing architecture for data compression in wireless sensors, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits February 2012.
Evaluation of magnetic materials for very high frequency power applications, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 2012.
Ge-on-Si optoelectronics, Thin Solid Films  2012.

Monolithic and two-dimensional integration of silicon photonic microdisks with microelectronics, IEEE Photonics Journal 2012.

Optimization of nanofluid volumetric receivers for solar thermal energy conversion, Solar Energy 2012.

High hole-mobility strained-Ge/Si0.6Ge0.4 P-MOSFETs with high-ϰ/metal gate: Role of strained-Si cap thickness, IEEE Electron Device Letters 2012.
Photonic ADC: Overcoming the bottleneck of electronic jitter, Optics Express 2012.
Dissipative particle dynamics simulation of field-dependent DNA mobility in nanoslits, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2012.

Thermoelectrically pumped light-emitting diodes operating above unity efficiency,
Physical Review Letters 2012.

Long-wavelength local density of states oscillations near graphene step edge, Physical Review Letters 2012.


NEW Faculty Profiles
Polina Anikeeva
Silvija Gradečak
William Tisdale
Kripa Varanasi

Short Circuits

MTL welcomes new employees Ludmila Leoparde and Lori McCormack to the MTL community!

We wish Juanita Rivera and Whitney Rokui the best of luck in their new endeavors. They will sadly be leaving team MTL in May.

We wish all of them well on their new endeavors!

Seminars & Events
May 1, 2012
Scott Reynolds, IBM
Wireless Communication and Imaging at 60GHz
May 8, 2012
MTL Doctoral Dissertation Seminar: Ling Xia
Effects of strain on p-channel III-V FETs for beyond-silicon CMOS applications
May 10, 2012
4th Annual Medical Electronic Device Realization Center Workshop: Present and Future Needs & Systems Solutions
May 18, 2012