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Chandrakasan receives Standing Ovation Award from MIG

February 2, 2012

Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan was presented with a Standing Ovation Award at the MTL Industrial Advisory Group meeting in January 2012 to honor his five-year leadership of MTL.

(above: the proverbial standing ovation is given to Prof. Chandrakasan, center, by the MTL Industrial Advisory Group)

Conceived of by Dennis Buss of TI, the award highlights the dynamic changes Dr. Chandrakasan made throughout his tenure as Director. Peter Holloway read an original piece entitled "The King of Joules" for the occasion:


To MTL arrived a man one Day,
He asked, "Why do things this Way?"
He said, "This is really nuts!"
And, with no ifs, ands, or buts,
Proceeded to Redo things his Way

We showed him many a fine Jewel
Glowing red, and magnificent Too,
He smashed them quite Apart
And said, with a sudden Start,
"Here's much ado that's make-work Too!"

Clock trees were grown to great Precision
Totem poles subjected to much Derision
Nary a King's single Gate,
Rose early, or worse, Late,
But approached, were invariably Arisen

Next studied he the kingdom's precious Flows
Of currents both above ground and Below,
"These too just won't Do,
Below ground for them Too"
And saved the Kingdom a multitude of Joules