Microsystems Technology Laboratories

January 24-25, 2007
Waterville Valley Conference & Event Center

Session Titles

Session 1: Circuits & Systems

Session Chair: Fred Chen
Session Co-Chair: Tania Khanna

# title authors
1.01 Test structures and optimization methodologies for electrical variation in IC manufacturing  Karthik Balakrishnan, Nigel Drego, Karen M. Gonzalez-Valentin Gettings, Daihyun Lim 
1.02 Energy Efficient Low Data-Rate Pulsed UWB Transceivers  Denis C. Daly, Manish Bhardwaj, Fred S. Lee, David Wentzloff, Anantha P. Chandrakasan 
1.03 Design and characterization of CNT-CMOS hybrid systems  Taeg Sang Cho, Kyeongjae Lee, Tao Pan, Jing Kong, Anantha Chandrakasan 
1.04 Ultra-Low-Voltage Circuits and Systems  Yogesh Ramadass, Joyce Kwong, Vivienne Sze, Naveen Verma, Daniel Finchelstein 
1.05 A Handheld Electrical Impedance Probe for the Assessment of Neuromuscular Disease   Muyiwa Ogunnika, Michael Scharfstein 
1.06 Open-loop digital predistortion using Cartesian feedback for adaptive RF power amplifier linearization  Sungwon Chung, Jack Holloway, Jeff Huang, Joel Dawson 
1.07 Equation Based Hierarchical Optimization of a Pipelined ADC   Tania Khanna, Ranko Sredojevic, Joel Dawson, Vladimir Stojanovic 
1.08 System-level Hardware Optimization via Geometric Programming  Joel Dawson, William Sanchez 
1.09 A zero-crossing based 8b 200MS/s Pipelined ADC  Lane Brooks, Hae-Seung Lee 
1.10 Time To Contact Estimation for Automotive Application  Yajun Fang, Berthold Horn, Ichiro Masaki 
1.11 Circuit Topologies for Very High Frequency dc-dc Power Conversion  Robert Pilawa, Anthony Sagneri, Juan Rivas, Yehui Han, Olivia Leitermann, and David Perreault 
1.12 A Delay-Locked Loop using a Synthesizer-Based Phase Shifter for 3.2 Gb/s Chip-to-Chip Communication  Chun-Ming Hsu, Charlotte Y. Lau, Michael H. Perrott 
1.13 An Optical-Electrical Sub-Sampling Down Conversion Receiver Employing Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulation  Matt Park, Jungwon Kim, Franz Kaertner, Michael Perrott 
1.14 Adaptive Modulation in Wireless Giga-bit Local Area Network  F. Edalat, J.K. Tan, K.M. Nguyen, N. Matalon, and C.G. Sodini 
1.15 Optical Feedback Organic LED Display: Design and Characterization of Organic Circuits  I.Nausieda, K.Ryu, D.He, A.I. Akinwande, V.Bulovic, C.G.Sodini 
1.16 RF Circuits for Millimeter-Wave Imaging  Johnna Powell, Khoa M. Nguyen, Helen Kim, Charles G. Sodini 
1.17 Design and Optimization of Equalized Interconnect for Energy-Efficient On-Chip Networks  Byungsub Kim, Vladimir Stojanovic  
1.18 System Architecture Implications of CNT Interconnects  Fred Chen, Vladimir Stojanovic, Anantha Chandrakasan 
1.19 Optimization Driven High Speed Link Design  Ranko Sredojevic, Tania Khanna, Vladimir Bulovic, Joel L. Dawson  
1.20 An 18Gb/s VCSEL Driver with Digitally Tunable Pre-Emphasis in 90nm CMOS   Alexandra Kern, Anantha Chandrakasan, and Ian Young  

Session 2: Photonics

Session Chair: Jason Orcutt
Session Co-Chair: Juejun Hu
# title authors
2.01 Extrafluorescent Electroluminescence in Organic Light Emitting Devices  M. Segal, M. Singh, K. Rivoire, S. Difley, T. Van Voorhis, M.A. Baldo 
2.03 Photonic Devices Based on Highly Absorptive J-Aggregate Nanoscale Thin Films  Jonathan R. Tischler, M. Scott Bradley, Vladimir Bulovic 
2.04 All-Inorganic Semiconductor Colloidal Quantum Dot Light Emitting Devices  Vanessa Wood, Jean-Michel Caruge, Jonathan Halpert, Moungi Bawendi, Vladimir Bulovic 
2.05 Low Threshold VCSEL Devices Integrated onto Si ICs   James Perkins, Clif Fonstad 
2.06 Experimental Evaluation of Microstructured Tungsten Surfaces for IR and NIR Applications  Natalija Jovanovic, Ivan Celanovic, Prof. John Kassakian 
2.07 High Efficiency Si-on-insulator Solar cells with Textured Photonic Crystal Back Reflector  L. Zeng, Y. Yi, P. Bermel, B. Alamariu, C.Y. Hong, X. Duan, L.C. Kimerling  
2.08 Asymmetric GRIN Lensed Single Mode Fiber-to-Waveguide Coupler  V. Nguyen, R. Sun, D. K. Sparacin, T. Montalbo C. Manolatou1, C.-Y. Hong, A. Agarwal, J. Yasaitis2, L. C. Kimerling, and J. Michel 
2.09 Large Electro-Optic Effect in Tensile Strained Ge-on-Si Films  Samerkhae Jongthammanurak, Jifeng Liu, Kazumi Wada, Douglas Cannon, David Danielson, Dong Pan, Lionel Kimerling and Jurgen Michel  
2.10 Multispectral 1-D Photonic Crystal Photodetector  X.C. Sun, J J. Hu, C.Y. Hong, J.F. Viens, R. Das, A.M. Agarwal, L.C. Kimerling 
2.11 Integrated group-IV optoelectronic devices for board-level WDM interconnect in strict sub-100nm CMOS Jason Orcutt, Rajeev Ram
2.12 Polymer optical backplanes for optofluidic integration Kevin Lee, Rajeev Ram
2.13 Thermal imaging of microscale semiconductors and thermoelectrics Peter Mayer, Rajeev Ram

Session 3: MEMS & BioMEMS

Session Chair: Alexis Weber
Session Co-Chair: Valerie Leblanc
# title authors
3.01 A Fully Micro-Fabricated Planar Array of Electrospray Emitters for Space Propulsion Applications  Blaise Gassend, Luis F. Velasquez-Garcia, Akintunde I. Akinwande, Manuel Martinez-Sanchez 
3.02 Microscale Mass Filter for a Micro-Gas Analyzer  Kerry Cheung, Luis Velasquez 
3.03 Electromagnetically-Driven Meso-Scale Nanopositioners for Nano-scale Manufacturing and Measurement  Dariusz Golda, Martin Culpepper 
3.04 Fabrication of a Fully-Integrated Multiwatt µTurboGenerator  B.C. Yen, M. Allen, F.F. Ehrich, A.H. Epstein, F. Herrault, K.J. Hillman, L. C. Ho, S. Jacobson, J.H. Lang, H. Li, Z.S. Spakovszky, C.J. Teo, and D. Veazie 
3.05 Silicon Strain-Gauge Pressure Sensors for Underwater Navigation  S.M. Hou, V.I. Fernandez, F.S. Hover, J.H. Lang, M.S. Triantafyllou 
3.06 The Investigation of Underwater Spatial Pressure Signatures for Use with High-Density Pressure Arrays  Vicente Fernandez, Stephen Hou, Franz Hover, Jeffrey Lang, Michael Triantafyllou 
3.07 A MEMS-Relay for power applications  A.C. Weber, J.H. Lang, A.H. Slocum 
3.08 Black Silicon Treatments to Improve Silicon Wettability for Use in Electrospray Propulsion  Tanya Cruz Garza, Paulo Lozano, Luis Fernando Velasquez-Garcia, Manuel Martinez-Sanchez 
3.09 MEMS-Enabled Direct Evaporative Patterning of Molecular Organic Materials in Ambient  Valerie Leblanc, Gerry Chen, Peter Mardilovich, Vladimir Bulovic, Martin A. Schmidt 
3.11 Microfluidic Bubble Logic  Manu Prakash and Neil Gershenfeld 
3.12 An integrated membrane microreactor for autothermal hydrogen generation and purification  K. Deshpande, B. Wilhite, M.A. Schmidt and K. F. Jensen 
3.13 Microreactor Systems for Organic Chemistry Optimization  Nikolay Zaborenko, Edward R. Murphy, Jason G. Kralj, Klavs F. Jensen 
3.14 Continuous-Flow pI-Based Sorting of Biomolecules in Microfluidic Chip for High Throughput Proteomic Sample Preparation  Yong-Ak Song, Jongyoon Han 
3.15 Fabrication of an Integrated System for Biomolecular Concentration and Detection  K Payer, P Dextras, S Manalis, J Han 
3.16 Electronic Integration Techniques for Suspended Micromechanical Resonators  R. Chunara, T.P. Burg, S.R. Manalis 
3.17 A microfabricated platform for characterizing the physiological impact of dielectrophorectic trapping  Salil P. Desai 

Session 4: Molecular & Nanotechnology

Session Chair: Ivan Nausieda
Session Co-Chair: Alfonso Reina Cecco
# title authors
4.01 Alignment and Latching of NanoStructured Origami  Anthony Nichol, Nader Shaar, William Arora, Carol Livermore, George Barbastathis 
4.02 3D Assembly and Alignment of Nanopatterned Membranes William J. Arora, Hyun Jin In, Anthony J. Nichol, Paul Stellman, Nader Shaar, Henry I. Smith, George Barbastathis
4.03 Improved Nanoscale Electron-Beam Lithography Using High-Molecular-Weight PMMA  Bryan Cord, Jodie Lutkenhaus, Karl K. Berggren 
4.04 White Light QD-LEDs based on Red, Green and Blue Emitting Colloidal Quantum Dots  P. O. Anikeeva, J. E. Halpert, M.G. Bawendi, and V. Bulovic 
4.05 High-throughput continuous-flow separation of biomolecules in a high-aspect-ratio nanofilter array  Pan Mao, Jongyoon Han 
4.06 Dielectric Spectroscopy in a Variable Nanometer Gap  Hongshen Ma and Alexander H. Slocum 
4.07 Carbon nanotube chemistry and assembly for interconnect applications  Tan Mau Wu, Brenda Long, Francesco Stellacci 
4.08 Long and Aligned Carbon Nanotubes: A Systematic Study of Growth Mechanisms  Mario Hofmann, David Zhu, Stephen A. Steiner and Jing Kong 
4.09 Recent Tool Installations in MTL  Bob Bicchieri 
4.10 Fabrication of Ultra High Aspect Ratio Freestanding Silicon Gratings  Minseung Ahn, Ralf Heilmann, Mark Schatternburg 
4.11 Carbon Nanotubes in Ordered Scaffolds: Research on Process Gilbert D. Nessim, J. Oh, C.V. Thompson

Session 5:Electronic Devices & Emerging Technology

Session Chair: Niamh Waldron
Session Co-Chair: Leo Gomez
# title authors
5.01 MOSFET Performance Scaling: Historical Trend and Future Directions  Ali Khakifirooz and Dimitri A. Antoniadis 
5.02 Towards MOS Memory Devices Containing 1nm Silicon Nanoparticles  Osama M. Nayfeh, Dimitri A. Antoniadis 
5.03 Models for spatial non-uniformity in the plasma etching of metal, silicon, and silicon oxide  Ali Farahanchi, Hayden Taylor , Duane Boning
5.04 Physical Understanding and Modeling of Planarization Technology in IC Manufacturing  Hong Cai, Daniel Truque, Xiaolin Xie, Duane Boning
5.05 Spatial non-uniformity in hot embossing for polymeric microfluidic devices  Hayden Taylor, Matthew Dirckx and Duane Boning 
5.06 Photosensitive structures for Chemical Sensing and Visible-to-IR Spectral  John Ho, Alexi Arango, Vladimir Bulovic 
5.07 Mechanisms for Electrical Degradation of GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors  J. Joh and J.A. del Alamo 
5.08 InGaAs High-Electron Mobility Logic Technology  Niamh Waldron, Dae-Hyun Kim, Jesus A. del Alamo
5.09 SiGe Heterostructure p-MOSFETs: Impact of film thickness and Ge fraction on performance  C. Ni Chleirigh, O.O. Olubuyide, J.L. Hoyt 
5.10 Ultrathin Body MOSFETs Fabricated on Strained Si  L. Gomez, J.L. Hoyt 
5.11 Epitaxial Growth of Ultrathin Ge on Si and SiGe Substrates  M. Kim, O. Olubuyide, L. Gomez, J.L. Hoyt 
5.12 Gating InAs with an ALD Dielectric  Ian Gelfand, Sami Amasha, Dominik Zumbuhl, Marc Kastner, Christoph Kadow, Art Gossard 
5.13 Effect of image charges in the drain delay of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs J.W. Chung, Xu Zhao, and Tomas Palacios 
5.14 Improvement of Electron Velocity in GaN HEMTs by Electric Field Engineering  Xu Zhao, Jinwook Chung, Tomas Palacios 
5.15 Electrical Characteristics of Germanium MOS Devices with High-k Gate Dielectrics  Andrew Ritenour, John Hennessy, Dimitri Antoniadis 
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