Microsystems Technology Laboratories

January 24-25, 2007
Waterville Valley Conference & Event Center

marc2007About the Conference

For over 17 years, MTL has held a yearly meeting that gives students an opportunity to share their research with other members of the community. In 2005, we introduced a new identity for the student review, now known as the MTL Annual Research Conference. The objectives of MARC are to provide an MTL-wide forum for the presentation of the research achievements of the past year and to promote interaction between MTL students, faculty, and industry partners. We are pleased to once again return to Waterville Valley in 2007 for two days of business with pleasure.

MARC2007 Steering Committee

Prof. Anantha P. Chandrakasan, Steering Committee Chair
Prof. Vladimir Bulovic, Faculty Advisor
Samuel C. Crooks, Finance
Mara E. Karapetian. Publications
Debroah Hodges-Pabon, Meeting Organization
Paul McGrath, Photography
Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic, Faculty Advisor
Naveen Verma, Past Program Committee Chair (MARC 2006)

MARC2007 Technical Program Committee

Farinaz Edalat, Program Committee Co-Chair
Osama Nayfeh, Program Committee Co-Chair
Vivienne Sze, Awards Coordinator
Jianping Fu, Presentation Coordinator

Circuits & Systems Session
Fred Chen, Chair
Tania Khanna, Co-Chair
Vivienne Sze

Photonics Session
Jason Orcutt, Chair
Juejun Hu, Co-Chair

MEMS & BioMEMS Session
Alexis Weber, Chair
Valerie Leblanc, Co-Chair
Salil Desai
Phil Dextras
Jianping Fu

Molecular & Nanotechnology Session

Ivan Nausieda,Chair
Alfonso Reina Cecco, Co-Chair
Mihail Bora

Electronic Devices & Emerging Technologies Session
Niamh Waldron, Chair
Leo Gomez, Co-Chair
Nigel Drego

MARC2007 Publications Committee

Mara E. Karapetian, Publications Chair
Nigel Drego, Web Programming
Rhonda Maynard, Proofreading
Paul McGrath, Photography


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