Microelectronics WebLab
We have recently demonstrated the feasibility of a web-based microelectronics device characterization set up. This system enables the introduction of a hands-on device characterization experience in subjects that, for logistical reasons, have never offered it before. Two field trials have been carried in the last few months in 6.720J/3.43J (Fall 98, about 30 students) and 6.012 (Spring 99, about 85 students) in which the system was used for in-class demonstrations and in homework. We have just obtained a donation of equipment from Hewlett-Packard for $76K. This donation will enable the permanent set up of dedicated equipment for this experience as well as the expansion of its capabilities.

This sytems is likely to be used in several subjects in EECS. 6.012 is taught twice a year with a total of about 170 students (mostly undergraduates). 6.720J/3.43J is taught once a year with about 30 students (half grads/half undergrads). A third subject where this set-up could be used is 6.152J/3.155J/10.480J Microelectronics Processing Technology, a junior laboratory that takes place twice a year and that is offered in a "fast-pace" mode several times more. About 100 students, mostly undergraduates, take this subject as preparation to use the microelectronic facilities of MIT. Undoubtedly, as experience is gained, other subjects will be identified where this system or similar systems could be used.

In the near future, we will explore exporting the system to other educational institutions. Furthermore, a dedicated system could be permanently set up for other institutions to log in and study it and perhaps for selected institutions in countries under development to use it in regular basis as part of their educational offerings.

For more information, contact: Prof. Jesus del Alamo
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