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Sponsors. This is a highly leveraged project. In addition to the equipment donated by HP (value $76K), the system includes a Windows NT server donated by Intel (value $6K), and software donated by Microsoft (value $8K). Seed funding for undergraduate student salaries wasprovided by Microsoft ($3.5K). Recent support from MIT's Class of '51 Fund for Excellence in Education, Class of '55 Fund for Excellence in Teaching, and Class of '72 Fund for Educational Innovation has been obtained to continue the development of the system.

Hands-on experience. This setup creates a "nearly hands-on" device characterization experience in subjects that did not have it and probably will never have it otherwise. It enables an enriched educational experience in microelectronic device education. The logistics of managing conventional laboratory facilities are near insurmountable. This system concept brakes this paradigm and exploits new technology to enhance the effectiveness of the educational experience. This is not a virtual lab, it is a real lab. A real device is located in a laboratory. The students access this device via the web

Innovativeness. As far as we know, this approach is novel. We do not know of a system similar to ours being demonstrated or even proposed anywhere else.

System demo. The system can be accessed at

Please call (X3-4764) or e-mail ( HYPERLINK mailto:alamo@mit.edu alamo@mit.edu ) the PI for a demo.

The manual that describes the current implementation of the system can be accessed at

No special permission is required to access this manual.

For more information, contact: Prof. Jesus del Alamo
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