Annual news review of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories at MIT

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What's in the 2010 Issue...

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  • New MTL Faculty
  • MIG News: Foxconn joins MIG; focus on Applied Materials
  • Event reports: TSMC Day at MIT, MTL Day at Foxconn, MTL Day at Texas Instruments, Samsung Day at MTL, MARC2010, and two Distinguished Seminars
  • MIT & the Masdar Institute
  • President Obama visits MIT
  • Collaboration at its Best: MTL Partners with Industry
  • Medical Electronic Systems
  • Women in Engineering
  • Alumni Updates


Past Issues

2009: Volume 3

  • Veeco Instruments joins the MIG
    MTL Days at NEC and Qualcomm
  • Event reports: MARC2009, ISSCC2009, Irwin Jacobs at MIT, Medicaol Electronic Systems
  • Faculty, staff, and research news
    MIT and the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratry
  • MTL@25
  • Alumni Updates

2008: Volume 2

  • Profiles on Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, and TSMC
  • MARC2008, ISSCC2008, Craig Barrett at MIT, and Bob Metcalfe at MTL Seminar Series
  • Profile on MTL alum Lisa Su
  • Geek Pride
  • Alumni Updates
  • Graduation Photos

2007: Volume 1

  • Profiles on new MIG members
  • Fabrication Facilities Update
  • Faculty Profiles
  • MARC2007 Coverage
  • Research News
  • Alumni Updates
  • Photos

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