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  • New MTL Faculty
  • MIG News: Foxconn joins MIG; focus on Applied Materials
  • Event reports: TSMC Day at MIT, MTL Day at Foxconn, MTL Day at Texas Instruments, Samsung Day at MTL, MARC2010, and two Distinguished Seminars
  • MIT & the Masdar Institute
  • President Obama visits MIT
  • Collaboration at its Best: MTL Partners with Industry
  • Medical Electronic Systems
  • Women in Engineering
  • Alumni Updates

Notes from the Director

Welcome to the 2010 edition of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) magazine, MTL Micronotes. MTL enjoyed another excellent year with several new multi-investigator research programs, major awards, and two new MIG members. This past year, 35 core faculty engaged in many exciting research initiatives, including areas related to electronic device fabrication, integrated circuits and systems, photonics, MEMS, and molecular and nanotechnologies. More than 700 students and technical staff conducted research at MTL and 109 affiliate faculty members benefited directly from MTL's fabrication and/or CAD infrastructure.

MTL hosted several technical events and seminars this year. We had two exciting distinguished seminars. Andrea Cuomo, Executive Vice President and General Manager of STMicroelectronics gave a talk titled "Born in the Wrong Place: Semiconductors Seen from Italy & France." Chang-Gyu Hwang former CTO and President of Samsung Electronics gave a talk titled, "Ready for the Future?" We had excellent participation from the MTL community in both events. MTL's Annual Research Conference (MARC2010) was held at the Cambridge Marriott; over 200 attendees participated. MARC offers a unique opportunity to learn about research in MTL's diverse areas, and it encourages interaction within MTL. The students greatly appreciate the technical interactions with attendees from the MIG companies. Special thanks to Prof. Joel Voldman, Steering Committee Chair, and all the volunteers for organizing a successful event. MTL also hosted a two-day workshop on "Next-Generation Medical Electronics." Prof. Charles Sodini continues to develop a strong medical system effort in MTL. Our MTL Seminar Series, organized by the MTL Seminar Committee and chaired by Prof. Tomas Palacios, featured a diverse set of technical presentations.

The MTL community greatly benefits from the generous financial support of the MIG, which provides subsidies for fabrication and circuit research. In addition, MIG members donate equipment, contribute directed fellowships and provide fabrication access to state-of-the-art technologies. I would like to welcome Foxconn and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation to the MIG. We look forward to active collaborations with the new MIG companies.

Our Industrial Advisory Board ( provides significant assistance in shaping MTL's vision. We continued our successful MTL Days at MIG companies, visiting Texas Instruments and Foxconn while holding the TSMC and Samsung Days on the MIT campus. Students benefit greatly from the opportunity to give detailed presentations to industry experts. These visits result in increased collaborations between MTL and the MIG companies.

We enjoy hearing from alumni. Please contact me with suggestions to improve MTL. I am eager to hear from you.

Anantha P. Chandrakasan
Director, MTL

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