Theses Awarded, 2009-2010


  • Herder, C. (K.K. Berggren), “Study of Ultranarrow Superconducting NbN Nanowires under Strong Magnetic Field for Photon Detection”


  • Bandyopadhyay, S. (A.P. Chandrakasan), “45nm Direct Battery DC-DC Converter for Mobile Applications”
  • Battistella, L. (K.K. Berggren), “Directed self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles by sub-10 nm”
  • Bhardwaj, A. (D.S. Boning and R. Welsch), “Netbook Microprocessor Reliability to Market Demands”
  • Burkhart, J. (D.J. Perreault), “Design of a Very High Frequency Resonant Boost dc-dc Converter”
  • Cannon, B. (J.H. Lang), “Electroquasistatic Sensors for Surface and Subsurface Nano-Imaging of Integrated Circuit Features”
  • Chang, A. (D.S. Boning), “A Test Structure for the Measurement and Characterization of Layout-Induced Transistor Variation”
  • Hsiao, Y.-C. (L. Daniel), “FastCaplet: an Efficient 3-D Capacitance Extraction Solver for VLSI Interconnects Using Instantiable Basis Functions”
  • Johnson, J. (D.S. Boning), “Modeling of Advanced Integrated Circuit Planarization Processes: Electrochemical-Mechanical Planarization (eCMP), STI CMP using Non-Conventional Slurries”
  • Khurana, H. (J.L. Dawson), “Memory and Data Communications Link Architecture for Micro-implants”
  • Kumar, D. (R. Sarpeshkar), “An Energy-Efficient Wireless Data Link for Implantable Electronics”
  • Lam, B. (A.P. Chandrakasan), “A Low-Power Multi-Standard Entropy Encoder for Ultra-HD Video Coding”
  • Lee, S. (A.P. Chandrakasan and H.-S. Lee), “A Zero-crossing Based Pipelined ADC with voltage scalability”
  • Li, W. (D.J. Perreault), “Design and Optimization of Automotive Power Electronics Utilizing FITMOS MOSFET Technology”
  • Mahmood, Z. (L. Daniel), “Parameterized Modeling of Multiport Passive Circuit Blocks”
  • Mittal, S. (S.N. Bhatia), “Micropatterned Cell Arrays for Detecting DNA Damage”
  • Rithe, R. (A.P. Chandrakasan), “SSTA Design Methodology for Low Voltage Operation”
  • Sinangil, Y. (A.P. Chandrakasan), “Fault Tolerant, Low Voltage SRAM Design”
  • Teherani, J. (D.A. Antoniadis and J.L. Hoyt), “Band-to-band Tunneling in Silicon Diodes and Tunnel Transistors”
  • Trubitsyn, A. (D.J. Perreault), “High Efficiency DC-AC Power Converter for Photovoltaic Applications”
  • Wicks, S. (B.L. Wardle), “Fracture of Woven Nano-engineered Composite Laminates”

M. Eng

  • An, W. (V.M. Stojanovic), “Low-complexity Soft Reed-Solomon Decoder Implementation”
  • Cheung, G. (D.J. Perreault), “Development of an Automated Efficiency and Loss Measurement System for High-Efficiency Power Converters”
  • Demirtas, S. (J.A. del Alamo), “Reliability of GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors on Silicon Substrates”
  • Diaz, J. (D.S. Boning), “A Feature-to-wafer-scale Model of Etch-rate Non-uniformity in Deep Reactive Ion Etching”
  • Hayman, A. (D.J. Perreault), “Development of a High-Efficiency Solar Micro-Inverter”
  • Herder, C. (K.K. Berggren), “Designing and Implementing a Readout Strategy for Superconducting Single Photon Detectors”
  • Li, Z. (D.J. Perreault), “Design of a Stepdown DC-DC Converter Integrated Circuit with Adaptive Deadtime Control”
  • Wang, Z. (C.V. Thompson), “Potential of Metal Nanostructure Array as DNA Sensor Devices”
  • Warnakulasuriyarachchi, D. (V.M. Stojanovic), “Design and Simulation of a PCI Express Gen 3.0 Communication Channel”


  • Arango, A. (V. Bulovic), “High open-circuit voltage in heterojunction photovoltaics containing a printed colloidal quantum-dot photosensitive layer”
  • Bohorquez, J. (A.P. Chandrakasan and J.L. Dawson), “Digitally-Assisted, Ultra-Low Power Circuits and Systems for Medical Applications”
  • Boles, S. (E.A. Fitzgerald and C.V. Thompson), “Structure/Processing Relationships in Vapor-Liquid-Solid Nanowire Epitaxy”
  • Bond, B.N. (L. Daniel), “Stable Parameterized Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems ”
  • Bow, H. (J. Han), “Microfluidic Devices for Analysis of Red Blood Cell Mechanical Properties”
  • Chang, S.-W. (C.V. Thompson), “Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Silicon Nanostructure Arrays by Metal-Assisted Etching”
  • Cheng, C. (E.A. Fitzgerald), “In Situ Deposition of High-k Dielectrics on III-V Compound Semiconductor in MOCVD”
  • El Moselhy, T.A. (L. Daniel), “Variation-Aware Interconnect Parasitic Extraction”
  • Han, Y. (D.J. Perreault), “Circuits and Passive Components for Radio-Frequency Power Conversion”
  • Harris, T.J. (S.N. Bhatia), “Nanoparticle Coatings for Spatial and Temporal Control of Cancer Imaging and Therapy”
  • Heidel, T. (M.A. Baldo), “Organic Solar Cells”
  • Hennessy, J. (D.A. Antoniadis), “High Mobility Germanium MOSFETs: Study of Ozone Surface Passivation and n-type Dopant Channel Implants Combined with ALD Dielectrics”
  • Henry, A. (G. Chen), “1D-to-3D Transition of Phonon Heat Conduction in Polyethylene Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations”
  • Joh, J. (J.A. del Alamo), “Physics of Electrical Degradation in GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors”
  • Kim, B. (V.M. Stojanovic), “Equalized On-Chip Interconnect: Modeling, Analysis, and Design”
  • Kwong, J. (A.P. Chandrakasan), “Low-Voltage Embedded Biomedical Processor Design”
  • Lee, H. (G. Chen), “Modeling and Characterization of Thermoelectric Properties of SiGe Nanocomposites”
  • Mandal, S. (R. Sarpeshkar), “Collective Analog Bioelectronic Computation”
  • Mao, P. (J. Han), “Ultra-High-Aspect-Ratio Nanochannels for High-Throughput Biological Applications”
  • Milaninia, K. (M.A. Baldo), “Nanomechanical Transistors”
  • Nausieda, I. (C.G. Sodini), “Integrated Thin-Film Pentacene Transistors & Circuits”
  • Oh, J. (C.V. Thompson), “Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Scaffolds; Formation Mechanisms and Applications”
  • Ryu, K. (C.G. Sodini), “Bias-stress Effects in Organic Thin-Film Transistors”
  • Sze, V. (A.P. Chandrakasan), “Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for Low Power Video Decoding”
  • Taylor, H. (D.S. Boning), “Modeling and Controlling Topographical Nonuniformity in Thermoplastic Micro- and Nano-Embossing”
  • von Maltzahn, G. (S.N. Bhatia), “A Systems Approach to Engineering Cancer Nanotechnologies”
  • Wood, V. (V. Bulovic), “Electrical Excitation of Colloidal Quantum Dots in Metal Oxide Structures”

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