MTL Memo Series, 2010

MTL maintains a comprehensive Memo Series covering the activities of MTL and related microsystems research at MIT. A chronological list of memos issued from 2009-present appears below. Copies of MTL Memos are available online exclusively to members of the Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) at MTL.

MIG members are invited to sign up for an account that will grant them access to these materials in a password-protected directory. Visit our website for more information and current memos.

09-2069 An All-Digital Transmitter for Pulsed Ultra-Wideband Communication Patrick Mercier
09-2070 Pentacene Integrated Thin-film Transistors and Circuits Ivan Nausieda
09-2071 Building Integrated Cell-based Microsystems – Fabrication Methodologies, Metrology Tools and Impact on Cellular Physiology Salil Desai
09-2072 The Bias-stress Effect in Pentacene Organic Thin-film Transistors Kevin Kyungbum Ryu
10-2073 High Mobility Germanium MOSFETs: Study of
Ozone Surface Passivation and n-type Dopant Channel Implants Combined with ALD Dielectrics
John J. Hennessy
10-2074 Self-Aligned AlGaN/GaN Transistors for Sub-mm Wave Applications Omair I. Saadat
10-2075 Stabilizing the Dual Inverted Pendulum: A Practical Approach Taylor Wallis Barton
10-2076 Stability-Preserving Model Reduction for Linear and Nonlinear Systems Arising in Analog Circuit Applications Bradley Neil Bond
10-2077 Photosynthesis-inspired device architectures for organic photovoltaics Timothy David Heidel
10-2078 Origami-Inspired Nanofabrication Utilizing Physical
and Magnetic Properties of In Situ Grown Carbon Nanotubes
Hyun Jin In
10-2079 A feature-to-wafer-scale model of etch-rate non-uniformity in deep reactive ion etching Jaime O. Díaz
10-2080 Digitally-Assisted, Ultra-Low Power Circuits and Systems for Medical Applications Jose L. Bohorquez
10-2081 The Bias-stress Effect in Pentacene Organic Thin-film
Kevin Kyungbum Ryu
10-2082 Terahertz Imaging and Quantum Cascade Laser Based Devices Alan Wei Min Lee
10-2083 Parallel Architectures for Entropy Coding in a Dual-Standard Ultra-HD Video Encoder Bonnie K. Y. Lam
10-2084 Alignment and Actuation of Compliant Nanostructures and Diffractive Optics by Inter-nanomagnet Forces Martin Deterre
10-2085 An Optical Data Receiver for Integrated Photonic Interconnects Michael S. Georgas
10-2086 A Microfluidic Platform for the Genome-Wide Analysis of Electrical Phenotype: Physical Theories and Biological Applications Michael D. Vahey
10-2087 Continuous-Flow
Study and Scale-up of Conventionally Difficult Chemical Processes
Nikolay Zaborenko
10-2088 Planar Chalcogenide Glass Materials and Devices Juejun Hu
10-2089 Physics of Electrical Degradation in GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors Jungwoo Joh
10-2090 SSTA Design Methodology for Low Voltage Operation Rahul Rithe
10-2091 45nm Direct Battery DC-DC Converter for Mobile Applications Saurav Bandyopadhyay
10-2092 Quantum Capacitance in Scaled Down III-V FETs Donghyun Jin
10-2093 A 1-mW Vibration Energy Harvesting System for
Moth Flight-Control Applications
Samuel C. Chang
10-2094 A Microvillus Based Approach to Model Cell Rolling Suman Bose
10-2095 Ultra-High-Aspect-Ratio Nanofluidic Channels for High-Throughput Biological Applications Pan Mao
10-2096 Ultra-High-Aspect-Ratio Nanofluidic Channels for High-Throughput Biological Applications Vikas Sharma
10-2097 Fault Tolerant, Low Voltage SRAM Design Yildiz Sinangil
10-2098 Microfluidic Systems for Continuous Crystallization of Small Organic Molecules Mahmooda Sultana
10-2099 Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a MEMS Steam-Generating Device Based on the Decomposition of High-Test Hydrogen Peroxide Feras Eid
10-2100 Hole Transport in Strained SiGe-Channel MOSFETs:Velocity in Scaled Devices and Mobility Under Applied Mechanical Strain Leonardo Gomez
10-2101 An Energy Efficient AES Engine with DPA-Resistance Hye Won Chung
10-2102 Experimental Investigations of Solid-Solid Thermal Interface Conductance Kimberlee Chiyoko Collins
10-2103 Microfluidic Devices for Analysis of Red Blood Cell Mechanical Properties Hansen Bow

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