Jesús A. del Alamo



Xtreme Transistor Group

The Xtreme Transistors Group investigates novel nanoscale electronic device architectures based on new materials with the goal of expanding the frontiers of microelectronics to reach higher frequencies, higher speed, smaller size, extremely low power consumption, higher operating temperature, or to switch electrical power or amplify electrical signals at higher power levels. We have a particular interest on the potential of III-V and III-N compound semiconductors for new applications as well as novel devices for artificial intelligence applications.

Our research is eminently experimental. We design and fabricate our own prototype devices at the facilities of MIT.nano, the new nanoscale fabrication facility at MIT. We then characterize their operation in our own measurement laboratory. We also study the reliability of transistors and other devices under prolonged electrical, thermal and environmental stress. We build models and carry out simulations in order to understand the underlying physics. All our research is performed in close connection with industrial partners.

Left: Sketch of InGaAs Vertical Nanowire (VNW) MOSFET. Right: Electrical characteristics of InGaAs VNW MOSFET with 7 nm diameter. Learn more here.
Left: Sketch of GaSb/InAsSb Vertical Nanowire p-type Tunnel MOSFET. Right: Electrical characteristics of GaSb/InAsSb VNW Tunnel MOSFET with 9 nm diameter. Learn more here.
Top-left: Top view of Pd/PSG/WO3 nanoscale protonic non-volatile programmable resistor for analog deep learning applications. Top-right and bottom: Transmission electron microscopy of device cross section. Learn more here.



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