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Table of Contents

These notes are for the Spring 2007 offering, and will be placed here as revised during the semester.
Notes for earlier offerings are available also: Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Spring 2005, Spring 2006.

Note that these notes are still under development. We would appreciate learning of any errors, and
would be pleased to receive suggestions for improvements. Please use the comment form linked below.

Preface (version 1.4)

Chapter 1. Bits (version 1.4)

Chapter 2. Codes (version 1.4)
  Detail: ASCII
  Detail: Integer Codes
  Detail: The Genetic Code
  Detail: IP Addresses
  Detail: Morse Code
Transcribing RNA to Proteins

Chapter 3. Compression (version 1.4)
  Detail: LZW Compression
  Detail: 2-D Discrete Cosine Transformation
MP3 Demonstration

Chapter 4. Errors (version 1.4)
  Detail: Check Digits

Chapter 5. Probability (version 1.4)
  Detail: Life Insurance
  Detail: Efficient Source Code

Chapter 6. Communications (version 1.4)
  Detail: Communication System Requirements

Chapter 7. Processes (version 1.4)

Chapter 8. Inference (version 1.4)

Chapter 9. Principle of Maximum Entropy (version 1.4)

Chapter 10. Physical Systems (version 1.4)

Chapter 11. Energy (version 1.4)

Chapter 12. Temperature (version 1.4)

Chapter 13. Quantum Information (version 1.4)

These notes Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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