January 31, 2018; MTL Startup@MTL 2018

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Participating Companies

Advanced Silicon Group

Founded in 2015 by an MTL alum, Advanced Silicon Group partners with companies to incorporate silicon nanowires into their products for improved performance and lower cost and then provides licenses to these partners to manufacture the technology. ASG is commercializing silicon nanowires for many applications including black silicon solar cells and sensitive bio-detectors for the detection of lung cancer biomarkers in the blood. The core of the technology is a low-cost process to form vertically aligned arrays of silicon nanowires. The diameter, density, taper, and length of the nanowire arrays can be optimized for specific applications.

Analog Photonics

Analog Photonics is a Boston-based Silicon Photonics company leading the development of chip-scale phased-array LiDAR for autonomous vehicle applications.

BMF Material Technology Inc.

BMF Material Technology Inc. (BMF) focuses on design, development and manufacture of Micro/Nano-scale 3D printing system and MicroNano scale functional composite materials. BMF is a spin-off company from 3D Nanophotonics and Nano-manufacturing group led by Professor Nickolas Fang at MIT, who is also a co-founder and chief scientist of the company. Our R&D team includes some of the best talents in optics, material development, hardware engineering, and nano-manufacturing. BMF Material is an international company, operating simultaneously in Boston (USA), Shenzhen (China), and Hong Kong. Our vision is to provide customers with a total solution of advanced Micro/Nano-manufacturing that includes technical consulting, R&D system development, device prototyping, training and licensing, as well as mass production of Micro/Nano-scale functional composite materials.


Detecting and distinguishing components of the complex mixtures of invisible gases that surround us is a challenging problem. Until now, there has not been a good solution to connect this world of smells to the Internet of Things. C2Sense builds digital olfactory sensors that transform smells into real-time data that can be accessed remotely through a digital information platform. Our versatile technology can be broadly deployed to selectively and accurately target gases unable to be sensed through other methods. With our portable technology platform, we can identify food freshness markers to estimate remaining shelf life and reduce waste, detect toxic gases to protect workers in industry, or monitor the environment inside and outside your home. C2Sense is redefining the sense of smell for the digital age.


LiquiGlide’s mission is to fundamentally alter interfaces between liquids and solids to eliminate waste, save lives, and enable a new engineering paradigm. Originally developed at MIT, our technology platform enables custom-design of slippery coatings for endless applications—packaging, manufacturing, medical devices, and oil pipelines. We will bring about a greener, safer, more efficient world.

We have won a variety of innovation awards and have been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC News, BBC World News, as well in TechCrunch, The Economist, and The New York Times. We work with some of the largest and most successful businesses across many industries. Our patent portfolio includes 19 patent families (about half of which are licensed from MIT) with 17 issued patents (8 in the U.S.) and more than160 applications pending around the world.

Simprint Nanotechnologies

Simprint Nanotechnologies (a 2010 spin-out from MTL) provides software tools and simulation services to users of nanoimprint lithography (NIL). We offer an extremely fast way of simulating the nano-scale transformation of material involved in NIL. Our software allows semiconductor, photonics, and data-storage manufacturers to use nanoimprint reliably and with greatly reduced development costs.

Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiquitous Energy is a Silicon Valley technology company leading the development of transparent photovoltaics with its award-winning ClearView Power™ technology—the world’s first truly transparent solar technology. Ubiquitous Energy is implementing its ClearView Power technology into a wide range of products, from windows to consumer electronics, as an invisible, onboard source of electricity. Spun out of MIT, Ubiquitous Energy has raised more than $25 million to date and is currently partnered with global glass manufacturers to bring ClearView Power to market.


Xtalic is a technology company focused on developing and commercializing high value nanostructured metal materials. We apply fundamental thermodynamic principles to engineer metal alloys with outstanding strength, corrosion resistance, wear durability and hardness. Xtalic technology has been in mass production for nearly a decade with outstanding quality, value and performance.