February 2, 2017; MTL Startup@MTL 2017

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Participating Companies

Accion Systems

Accion Systems builds propulsion systems for satellites based on a proprietary ion beam technology. We offer the first high-efficiency propulsion systems suitable for small satellites, which address an industry-wide issue: there are no suitable in-space propulsion options for small satellites, and systems designed for large satellites are cost prohibitive. We provide a solution for the entire $2B in-space propulsion market that is inexpensive, small but easily scalable, and safe for rideshare launches. Our revolutionary new approach to in-space electric propulsion uses simple, modular, thruster chips that can go on satellites ranging from 2-200 kg for orbit transfers, station-keeping, altitude control, de-orbiting, and beyond.

Cambridge Electronics

Cambridge Electronics Inc. (CEI) was founded in 2012 by MTL professors and alumni, based on more than 6 years of cutting edge research at MTL. CEI has developed a breakthrough Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology to disrupt the next generation mobile communication and power electronics markets with low cost and high performance GaN power amplifiers and power modules. CEI is seeking business partners to accelerate commercialization.


DropWise is commercializing a coating technology developed at MIT for putting down nanometers thin coatings on components that protect them from fouling, corrosion and, in some cases, increase their efficiency. We do this by making surfaces hydrophobic, hydrophilic, creating binding sites or imparting other functionalities via a dry (i.e. no solvents), vapor-based approach. The coating technology can keep components at room temperature while conformally coating extremely small micro-structures, thereby allowing us to coat sensitive and intricate parts that previously could not be treated. DropWise is working with partners primarily in the energy and life sciences fields to commercialize the coating technology for various applications.

Eta Devices

Eta Devices breakthrough power amplifier technology brings substantial benefits to the mobile device makers. Its ETAdvanced platform delivers disruptive improvements in battery life and thermal profile of smartphones, laptops, wearables and various IoT devices. It is the industry’s only solution for ultra wide bandwidth operation of 80/160MHz and industry’s only single chip solution for Uplink Carrier Aggregation and MIMO supporting 802.11ac/ax and LTEAdvanced. Eta Wireless grew out of Eta Devices, an MIT start-up, following its acquisition by Nokia Corporation in October 2016. Nokia is now deploying ETAdvanced for Mobile Infrastructure markets. In addition to substantial efficiency advantages of ETAdvanced over the legacy Envelope Tracking solutions currently deployed in the today’s Apple and Samsung smartphones. It is much is easier to system calibrate and deploy and takes up significantly less space on the phone board.

FastCAP Systems

FastCAP is an internationally recognized leader in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge rugged Extreme Environment (EE) ultracapacitors – lithium free, high powered and rechargeable devices which operate at extreme temperatures, and high shock and vibration conditions. We have developed an expertise in co-designing power electronic systems with those ultracapacitors including switched-mode power converters and ultracapacitor management systems. We have a unique ability to ruggedize these systems at the component and system level through design best practices and qualification procedures developed under our oil and gas efforts. From record-breaking energy storage devices for hybrid and electric vehicles, to game-changing solutions for energy exploration, every FastCAP team member is compelled to positively impact the way we produce, use and store energy.

Omni Design Technologies

Founded in 2015, Omni Design Technologies provide a wide range of disruptive ultra low power, high performance embedded circuits that enable highly differentiated semiconductor systems and plug-and-play system-on-chip (SoC) development. Omni Design’s proprietary technologies enable greatly reduced power consumption across a wide variety of analog and mixed-signal circuits. It is also perfectly suited for nanoscale CMOS technologies. Some of Omni Design’s key technologies can trace their roots to past research at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories.


With TetraScience, you connect your existing lab instruments to a single online dashboard where you can manage experiments and access data. Easily connect the dots between data, insights, and outcomes. Some of the most prestigious R&D teams use TetraScience to help them be more productive, compliant, and consistent.