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The Semiconductor Subway provides links to all manner of semiconductor and microsystems related information, including fabrication facilities, research activities, standards work, etc.

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The Laboratories Subway leads to a subway line with links to university and related research fabs.

The Maker/Vendor Subway links to a number of industrial fabs and foundries.

The Competitive Semiconductor Manufacturing (CSM) program at UC Berkeley is conducting comparative studies of the world's best semiconductor plants to identify world-class managerial, organizational, technical, and human resource practices.

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Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD)

The TCAD Journal is an electronic publication for technology computer aided design research, sponsored by the IEEE. In addition to technical papers, a calendar of events, listings of recent books, and other information is available. (See also the Stanford site for this journal.)

TCAD Central is an independent source of TCAD news and information, maintained by Michael Duane.

The EDA Hub is a network-based simulation laboratory that provides a toolkit of programs for simulating semiconductor materials, processes, devices, and circuits. This is part of the larger Punch platform for internet computing at Purdue University.

Information on TCAD Standards under the Silicon Integration Initiative (formerly the CAD Framework Initiative), including work on semiconductor wafer representation (SWR) and semiconductor process representation (SPR).

The SWAMP (Software and Analysis of Advanced Materials Processing Center) in the College of Engineering at the University of Florida features interdisciplinary activities combining analytic techniques from materials science to modeling with an electrical engineering perspective. Included among these activities the FLOODS and FLOOPS device and process simulators.

Stanford University has information on their Technology CAD activities, including research, tools, education, publication, people, and news.

The University of Michigan is developing MISTIC, a TCAD tool which automatically generates fabrication process flows starting from a two-dimensional geometrical device description.

The TCAD Training and Research Laboratory at Louisiana Tech University is chartered to help meet the TCAD training and research needs of the semiconductor industry

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Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits

The Microelectronic Systems Newsletter, formerly the MOSIS User's Group (MUG) Newsletter, has been made available by Don Bouldin at the University of Tennessee. A Microelectronic System Calendar is also available.

The University of Idaho has a wide-ranging collection of links to VLSI information.

ICS Radiation Technologies Inc. is a Testing, Engineering, and Consulting Firm Specializing in Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices.

JPL/NASA provides RADATA, a radiation effects test data for total ionizing dose (TID) and single event effects (SEE). This database is available for general use without written permission and accessible via WWW and Modem interfaces.

Electronic Radiation Response Information Center is a large repository database (over 100,000 records) of electronic piece part response to nuclear radiation.

COMRAD is a source of information for COMponent RADiation data.

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Related Usenet News Groups

The following Usenet news groups discuss topics of interest to the semiconductor community:

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

The Berkeley Computer-Aided Manufacturing (BCAM) group was formed to facilitate and improve semiconductor processing at the equipment level with research in the areas of real-time equipment control, multistep supervisory control, and IC design for manufacturability.

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The MEMS Information Clearing House serves as a general information resource for the MEMS community, and is now hosted by the MEMS Exchange.

The National Compound Semiconductor Roadmap (NCSR) is an interactive site and tool to aid in the advancement of compound semiconductor research and technology implementation.

The Vendor Interchange leads to a subway containing links to vendors in the semiconductor industry.

The Organizations Interchange leads to a subway containing links to professional and standards organizations.

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