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The ESH Subway provides links to information and news about semiconductor manufacturing and the environment.

Past Conferences and Items

Semiconductor ESH Conferences and Call for Papers

New Third International Symposium on Environmental Issues with Materials and Processes for the Electronics Semiconductor Industries, a symposium at the 197th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 14-18, 2000.

New Seventh Annual International Semiconductor Environmental Safety and Health Conference, Dresden, Germany (Saxony), June 26-29, 2000. Conference information is available in pdf | postscript | Word.

Environmental Impact of Wafer Manufacturing Processes
July 10-12, 2000, San Francisco, CA, held in conjunction with SEMICON West SF. Papers should emphasize cost effective solution in the following areas: (Session 1) Tool Emission; (Session 2) Chemical and Resource Management.

SSA 2000: the 22nd Annual International High Technology, Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Environmental
April 25 - 29, 2000, Arlington, VA. Conference Marriott Crystal Gateway. Presented by the Semiconductor Safety Association. Discussions, debate, and exhibitions concerning safety, environmental protection, worker heath, and other related concerns for semiconductor manufacturers. Contact: Tel: Lori Strong or Sue Burk at (703) 790-1745 or visit SSA.

ESH Calendar of Events maintained by SEMI.

ESH Issues and News

The SIA National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors contains substantial descriptions of future needs and issues for the industry in the area of ESH. In particular, see:

The Semiconductor ESH News page summarizes recent news announcements of interest to the semiconductor ESH industry has been created.

Organizations involved in ESH Issues

The Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing is a university research collaboration between the University of Arizona, MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley. Funded by the NSF and SRC, the Center is devoted to research and education on ESH issues in the semiconductor industry.

The Semiconductor Safety Association is a worldwide organization for safety, health, and environmental professionals associated with the semiconductor industry.

The SEMATECH Environmental, Safety, and Health Thrust provides a number of resources. See in particular:

The SEMI ESH Division focuses on international EHS business and technical issues, and disseminates information through technical and educational programs; industry briefings and conferences; and joint programs with the device industry.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) provides information on industry environment issues. In particular, see Worker Safey, Health, and Environmental Protection white papers, dated June, 1997.

The Electric Power Research Institute and Sematech have formed the EPRI Center for Electronics Manufacturing. Based at Sematech, the center will address energy, productivity, and environment issues in the electronics industry. See also the EPRI environment group.

The Environmental Protection Agency is an excellent information resource for all aspects of environmental issues.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, founded in 1953 as a not-for-profit association, is a multidisciplinary, international society in the areas of contamination control in electronics manufacturing and pharmaceutical processes; design, test, and evaluation of commercial and military equipment; and product reliability issues associated with commercial and military systems.

A large number of links for general safety, health, and other ESH issues is maintained at

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The Subway is maintained by the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories as a part of the Semiconductor Subway, and by the NSF/SRC ERC for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing in an effort to foster education and communication in microsystems and semiconductor technology ESH issues.

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