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MTL Lam Research Day at MIT

November 30, 2015

Held on November 16, 2015 at the MIT campus

Lam Day at MIT

On November 16, 2015, MTL hosted Lam Research Day at MTL, an all-day event organized by MTL and Lam Research, a member of MTL's Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG).

Representatives from Lam's Corporate Technology Development group, Global Products group, Global Product R&D, and College Relations all participated in order to interact with members of the faculty, research staff, and graduate students. The day's events provided an opportunity for both a technical exchange between Lam and MIT and for students to learn more about Lam.

The morning technical session began with an introduction by MTL Director's, Professor Jesús del Alamo. Dr. David Hemker, Lam Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, then presented "Extending Moore's Law: An Equipment Company's Perspective." Six MIT faculty presentations followed, including Professor del Alamo "III-V MOSFET Technology for Future Logic";Professor Duane Boning, "Modeling and Simulation of Pattern Dependencies in Advanced Processes;" Professor Silvija Gradecak, "Nanostructured flexible solar cells;" Professor Jing Kong, "Two dimensional materials and heterostructures through chemical vapor deposition synthesis;" Professor Caroline Ross, "Magnetic materials for memory and logic;" and Professor Dirk Englund, "Quantum information processing using active silicon photonics integrated circuits."

Dr. Patrick Lord, Lam Group Vice President and Deputy General Manager, Global Product Group gave the lunchtime seminar, "Innovation at the Atomic Level," open to the entire MIT community. The seminar was very well attended - standing room only. The great food did not hurt!

The venue then moved to the Stata Center for a poster session and reception, with 15 MIT and 4 Lam posters.

In parallel with the technical sessions, Lam's recruiters interviewed a number of students and postdocs interested in internships and permanent employment at Lam.

The Lam Research Day at MTL was deemed a great success by all those who participated. Over 100 MIT students, faculty and staff and 12 Lam employees attended.

--Bill Holber, MTL Associate Director, Industrial Relations; 2/10/2016