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MTL Doctoral Dissertation Seminar by Dr. Allen Hsu

December 19, 2014


Allen Hsu (right) receiving the DDS award from Prof. Tomás Palacios.

Congratulations to Dr. Allen Hsu, who received the honor of delivering the 2014 MTL Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (DDS) on December 10th, 2014.

Dr. Hsu has recently graduated with a PhD from Prof. Tomás Palacios' group at MTL and at the DDS he presented his work on "Graphene for Radio Frequency (RF) Electronics and Thermal Imaging Applications." In his talk, he provided an overview of the unique material properties of graphene and discussed the material synthesis and device processing technology developed here at MTL for large area applications. Finally, he demonstrated new graphene-based thermopiles for infrared imaging applications, which leveraged the unique carrier transport properties of graphene.

Congratulations Allen!

--Tomás Palacios, Microsystems Technology Laboratories