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MTL Holds 2014 Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

February 27, 2014


Attendees of the IAB meeting pose for a group photo. Photo, Paul McGrath/MTL.

On January 31, 2014 MTL hosted the annual meeting of the MTL Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), the main representatives of MTL's Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) companies. This meeting is an opportunity for MTL to provide to the MIG membership an in-depth view of current research activities as well as updates on the organization and the facility. The members of the IAB in turn provides feedback to the MTL leadership both on behalf of themselves and their companies as to the 2013 activities and future plans.

11 out of the 14 present MIG member companies were represented.

Professor Jesús del Alamo began the meeting with the "Director's Update". He was followed by Professor Vladimir Bulovic who spoke about the new MIT Innovation Initiative and the planned new Nano-Innovation Space. Other faculty speakers included Professor Scott Manalis, Professor Vivienne Sze, Professor Sang-Gook Kim Professor Dimitri Antoniadis and Professor Silvija Gradecak. Dr. Vicky Diadiuk gave an update on the MTL facility.

The IAB members then discussed both MTL generally and MARC2014 and presented their feedback to Professor del Alamo.

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--Bill Holber, MTL Associate Director, Sponsor Relations