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Personnel News, Summer 2013

September 5, 2013

Mara Karapetian promoted to MTL Manager of Media and Design and William (Bill) Holber, Ph.D. appointed as MTL's first Associate Director for Industrial Relations

Mara Elena Karapetian, who began her career at MIT in 1999, was promoted in January this year to Manager of Media & Design, reflecting the remarkable job she has been doing over the years in defining the MTL image and ably projecting our many technical achievements.

Mara attended the University of Massachusetts, Boston where she pursued coursework in American Studies and U.S. History. Prior to coming to MIT, she worked for Millennium Pharmaceuticals and the American Management Association. Mara came to MTL in 1999 providing administrative support for MTL technical operations staff, but also finding opportunities to utilize her technical skills in design, graphics and web design/building. In 2002, in recognition of Mara's technical talents in website design and illustration, she was appointed MTL's first Media Specialist. In January 2013, in recognition of her outstanding performance and the extraordinary skills that she has continually worked to develop, Mara was promoted to Manager of Media and Design. Mara is currently overseeing a complete overhaul of the MTL website which is targeted for launch in early 2014.

Bill Holber joined MIT in July this year as the first Associate Director for Industrial Relations at MTL. His responsibilities include all aspects of interactions with MTL industry partners, maintaing and deepening the strong industry partnerships MTL has benefited from since its founding.

Bill received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Columbia University, after which he spent seven years at IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights, developing a series of projects in silicon-related electronics. He then moved on to a semiconductor equipment start-up in the Boston area, Applied Science and Technology (ASTeX, later acquired by MKS Instruments) where he spent a total of 14 years in a variety of roles ranging from technology development to corporate marketing and acquisitions. After several years at Energetiq Technology as V.P. of Advanced Technology, Bill started a new venture, Plasmability, aimed at developing unique process tools for emerging applications. Bill brings his broad technical experience to his new position at MTL, where he will be working closely with MTL faculty and staff to identify opportunities to expand the range of interactions with external partners.