MTL News Archives for 2013

June 27, 2013

Solar power heads in a new direction: thinner

Atom-thick photovoltaic sheets could pack hundreds of times more power per weight than conventional solar cells.

Transparent solar cells

Generating power from everyday surfaces

June 21, 2013

Better droplet condensation could boost power efficiency

Improved system for power plants uses oil-infused condenser surface to improve heat-transfer properties.

Ferroelectric-graphene-based system could lead to improved information processing

New system uses two-dimensional structures to guide plasmonic waves at ultrashort wavelength, offering a new platform for memory and computer chips.

June 17, 2013

Holding the salt

MIT graduate student David Cohen-Tanugi works to improve water filtration, desalination.

June 14, 2013

Making Waves with Microfluidics

Joel Voldman engineers cutting-edge approaches to stem cell signaling, point of care therapeutics, and neuroengineering.