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Core Faculty Profile: Jeffrey Grossman

May 13, 2013

This is part of an ongoing series about new MTL core faculty members.

jeff.jpgProfessor Grossman joined MIT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering in July 2010. His current research centers on the development of new solar thermal fuels, the design on nanoporous membranes for water desalination, three-dimensional photovoltaic panels, new materials to convert waste heat into electricity, and more. Dr. Grossman has also developed entirely new ways to encourage idea generation and creativity in interdisciplinary science, including "speedstorming," a method of pair-wise idea generation that works similarly to a round-robin "speed-dating" technique.

The Grossman Group (also known as G2E) focuses on the application and development of cutting-edge simulation tools and experimental techniques to understand, predict, and design novel materials with applications in energy conversion, energy storage, thermal transport, surface phenomena, and synthesis. They aim to understand the key optical, electronic and mechanical behaviors of energy conversion in order to design new materials with greater efficiencies and lower costs.