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Samsung rejoins MIG

February 1, 2013

Samsung Electronics is one of the world's largest electronic companies. Our company focuses on three business areas: semiconductors, digital media, and telecommunication networks. The Device Solution division is responsible for all of Samsung's semiconductor products, including DRAM, flash memory, smart cards, application processors, display device interfaces, CMOS image sensors, and ASIC for specific product applications. Since Samsung Electronics is an integrated device manufacturer, we are very interested in all kinds of semiconductor areas--not only for devices/processes, but also for design/sales.

Samsung Electronics has maintained a good relationship with MIT for a long time. The relationship between the Device Solution division and MTL via MTL's Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) seems to be the best example of this good relationship. Eminent, brilliant professors from MIT offered us technical ideas and advice through this industry-academia collaboration, leading to some great achievements. Although Samsung was not involved with MTL's MIG for a few years, that did not affect Samsung's relationships with faculty research. Samsung Electronics rejoined the MIG in 2013 because of these valuable relationships at MTL and the resulting achievements. We will be expanding our cooperation with MTL for next-generation devices, processes, circuits and systems because MTL is a valued friend.

Thank you for your warm welcome. Meeting with old friends is always a comfortable, happy experience. I hope to continue a good relationship between MIT/MTL and Samsung for a long time. Thank you.

--Youngmin Shin, Samsung Electronics; Mara Karapetian, Microsystems Technology Laboratories