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Perreault elected as IEEE Fellow

December 4, 2012

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has elected EECS professor David Perreault to IEEE Fellow status. Professor Perreault is among a class of 297 selected for the class of 2013 IEEE Fellows.

perreault.jpgProf. David Perreault was elected to IEEE Fellow status "for contributions to design and application of very high frequency power electronic converters". Prof. Perreault's research is devoted to understanding, controlling, optimizing, and economizing energy flow and consumption in electromechanical and electronic systems. He has combined an engineering science perspective with his artistic skill as a world-class circuit designer to advance the state-of-the-art in power electronic circuit design to a new generation of capability in power density, conversion efficiency, and control bandwidth. His work, summarized in over 100 refereed publications, overcomes obstacles to converter improvement with careful topological design choices, new component and materials inventions, an intimate understanding of energy flow in high frequency electromagnetic systems, and control techniques. His ideas have had impact on the automotive, computer, and renewable energy industries, and he is currently collaborating on radio-frequency power amplification for systems ranging from cell phones to MRI machines. He has received numerous professional awards from outside of MIT for both research and teaching, including several IEEE prize paper awards, the IEEE Power Electronics Society's Richard Bass award and an outstanding educatior award from the Society of Automotive Engineers.

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