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INL-MTL Sponsored Workshop on Nanostructured Materials, Devices, and Systems

August 3, 2011

A joint International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology workshop was held at INL's facilities in Braga, Portugal Monday, July 18th 2011.

The conference was organized by Jose Rivas, Director General, INL-International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Paulo Jorge Peixeiro de Freitas, Director of the MIT-INL Program at INL, Carl Thompson, Head of MIT's Materials Processing Center (MPC) and acting Head of MIT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Anantha Chandrakasan, Director of MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) and recently announced Department Head of MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

The conference consisted of four sessions as follows:

Session 1: Graphene Devices and Applications
Chair: Carl Thompson (MIT)
Tomas Palacios, (MIT)
"Graphene-Based Microsystems for Environment and Food-Quality Monitoring"
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT)
"Quantum Transport and Optoelectronics in Graphene"
Nuno Peres (U. Minho)
"Optical Properties of Graphene"

Session 2: NEMS and Manufacturing
Chair: Tomas Palacios, (MIT)
Dana Weinstein (MIT)
"Nano-mechanical Resonators: Devices and Circuits"
Joao Pedro Conde (INESC MN)
"Thin film silicon and polymer MEMS resonators"
Martin Schmidt (MIT)
"Digital Fabrication of Micro/Nano Systems"

Session 3: Devices for Autonomous Microsystems: Energy and Sensing
Chair: Paulo Jorge Peixeiro de Freitas (INL)
Carl V. Thompson (MIT)
"Nanowire and Nanotube Devices for Autonomous Microsystems"
Lifeng Liu (INL)
"Self-organized TiO2 nanotubes and related composites for energy storage, conversion and sensing"
Ranjith Pai (INL)
"Transparent conjugated polymer films for capturing solar energy"
Sang-Gook Kim (MIT)
"PZT based Vibration-to-Electric Energy Generators"
Joao Gaspar (INL)
"Bistable Oscillators for Broadband Vibration Energy Scavengers"
Sasha Sadewasser (INL)
"Nanostructured chalcopyrite semiconductors for photovoltaic energy generation"

Session 4: Biomedical Platforms
Chair: Joao Gaspar (INL)
Anantha Chandrakasan (MIT)
"Ultra-low-Power Wireless Sensors Systems"
Paulo Freitas (INESC MN-INL)
"Spintronic Biochips for biomedical applications"
Polina Anikeeva (MIT)
"Devices that stimulate brain function"
Dmitri Petrovykh (INL)
"Design and analysis of bio interfaces"

At the conclusion of formal presentations, a dinner was hosted for conference participants by Jose Rivas and Paulo Jorge Peixeiro de Freitas--providing time for further exploration and discussion of the day's topics.