MTL News Archives for 2007

Infinite Mile Award Winners Honored

May 11, 2007

Two MTL staff members were presented with Infinite Mile awards by the School of Engineering during a ceremony that took place on Thursday, May 10, 2007. The 2007 award winners from MTL are Research Specialist Kurt Broderick and Administrative Assistant Rhonda Maynard.

"The MIT School of Engineering is first in its class thanks to the outstanding efforts of its members, all of its members. It is important for us to pause to recognize, to celebrate, and to honor the people whose dedication, caring, and hard work make the School of Engineering a very special community," says Dean Thomas Magnanti on the school's Infinite Mile website.

Previous award winners from MTL include Samuel C. Crooks and Vicky Diadiuk in 2006, Carolyn Collins in 2005, and Debroah Hodges-Pabon in 2002.