Information for MIG/MAP Members


We cordially invite MIG/MAP members to register here. Registration from industry professionals is restricted to current employees of MIG/MAP companies. There is no limit on the number of attendees per company; we invite as many of your colleagues to join us as possible.

For MTL MIG members, please visit the IAB2022 website for details on registration for the MTL Industrial Advisory Board meeting which typically happens after MARC at MIT.

Industry One-on-ones

A new addition this year's schedule is Industry One-on-ones. This is an opportunity to "skip the small-talk" and have one-on-one meetings with students and postdocs who are interested in learning about ways to engage with you and your company. We will arrange 15-minute interviews with you and attendees at MARC, as well as set topics for discussion, namely: (1) Internship opportunities, (2) Full-time opportunities and openings, (3) Research collaborations and discussions. Please reach out to Nili Persits, the MIG/MAP Interview Coordinator, by Tuesday January 11, 2022 if you are interested in participating.

Pre-Recorded Two-Minute Pitches

MARC traditionally features a session in which all MIG/MAP members give a two-minute overview "pitch" of their organization, its current microsystems-related work, and its current opportunities for new grads or interns (if applicable). Due to the success of recorded pitches last year, we ask you and your colleagues to pre-record a 2-minute video to serve these purpose. These video pitches will be broadcasted live at the conference but will also be available for asynchronous viewing. Please submit your company pitch on this link by January 18, 2022.

Prepare your pitch

  • Length: up to 2 minutes (strictly enforced due to the schedule)
  • Video thumbnail or photo: We recommend including either your video thumbnail throughout the pitch or a still headshot on the title slide.
  • Suggestions for the MARC Pre-Recorded Pitch:
    • Briefly introduce your company or organization and its relationship with MIT.
    • Introduce your company's technical work and/or products, with emphasis on its micro-systems-related areas.
    • (If applicable) Mention employment/internship opportunities at your company that you would like to advertise to MIT students/graduates.

Record your pitch

We recommend recording your pitch using Zoom's local recording feature:

  • Format: MP4
  • Resolution: >1080p HD
  • Bit rate: <1 mbps
  • File size: <10 MB

If you are having trouble meeting these format requirements, please email jjpatil[at] to see if your format can be accommodated.

Upload your pitch

  • Naming: Please use the following naming convention: "company_pitch.mp4" (e.g.: TexasInstruments_pitch.mp4).
  • Please upload your pitch on this link.