List of Abstracts

Last updated Jan. 11, 2022

List of Sessions

S1 - Integrated Circuits
Session Chair: Ruicong Chen
S1.01Terahertz Orbital-Angular-Momentum (OAM) Wave Transceiver in CMOS with Security Key and OAM Mode MappingMuhammad Ibrahim Wasiq Khan
S1.02A 2-D Scalable Third harmonic radiator at 291.3 GHz with -2 dBm of Radiated Power in 22FFL TechnologyMohamed Elsheikh
S1.03Stability improvement of CMOS molecular clocks using an auxiliary loop based on high-order detection and digital integrationMina Kim
S1.04THz antenna arrays for High Angular-Resolution Operation: A 98×98 Unit, 265GHz CMOS Reflectarray with Performance Enhancing AlgorithmsNathan Monroe
S1.05A 140GHz Transceiver with Inherent-Low-Loss Duplexing and Adaptive Self-Interference Cancellation for FMCW Monostatic RadarXibi Chen
S1.06A Fully-passive Harmonic Blocker Resilient Frontend: An Application of Switch-cap Block FilteringSoroush Araei
S2 - Electronic Devices
Session Chair: Kaidong Peng
S2.01Deuterium-terminated diamond field-effect transistorAlon Vardi
S2.02In-situ monitoring of dynamic threshold voltage in GaN Transistors under multi-pulse hard-switching conditionsAviram Massuda
S2.03Impact of Gate Geometry on Threshold Voltage Instability of p-GaN Gate HEMTsEthan Lee
S2.05Sub-10-nm Diameter Vertical Nanowire p-Type GaSb/InAsSb Tunnel FETsYanjie Shao
S2.06Finite-Difference Nucleation-Limited Switching (FD-NLS) Model for Ferroelectric Circuit SimulationTaekyong Kim
S2.07Advance electromembrane process: Off-grid portable seawater desalination systemJunghyo Yoon
S2.08Modeling Defect-Level Switching for Highly-Nonlinear and Hysteretic Electronic DevicesJiahao Dong
S2.10III-Nitrides Vertical Vacuum Channel Transistors with Sub-10 nm Tip RadiusPao-Chuan Shih
S2.12Compensation of the Non-Linear Characteristics of a GaN HEMT to Achieve High RF LinearityRolando Gonzalez
S2.14MEMS Compatible Solid and Liquid Micro Rocket Engines and Micro Gas Turbine EngineJonathan Protz
S3 - Power
Session Chair: Tommy Krause
S3.01A Two-Stage Piezoelectric Resonator / Switched Capacitor DC-DC ConverterBabu-Abel Wanyeki
S3.02Design of High-Efficiency Piezoelectric Transformer-Based DC-DC ConvertersElaine Ng
S3.03Modeling and Design of Narrow-Band High-Power RF Power CombinersHaoquan Zhang
S3.04Closed Loop Control for a Piezoelectric-Resonator Based DC-DC Power ConverterJoshua Piel
S3.05Modular Low-Loss Multi-MHz Power InductorsRachel Yang
S3.06Evaluating Piezoelectric Materials and Vibration Modes for Power ConversionJessica Boles
S3.07Augmented Piezoelectric Resonators for Power ConversionJoseph Bonavia
S3.08Robust, Scalable and CMOS-Compatible kV-class GaN Power Transistor TechnologyJung-Han Hsia
S4 - Energy-Efficient AI
Session Chair: Ruicong Chen
S4.01Demonstration of Ultra-Low Energy Photonic Edge ComputingAlexander Sludds
S4.02MTL Knowledge Base Construction Incorporating Heterogeneous Data SourcesJack Gammack
S4.03MCUNetV2: Memory-Efficient Patch-based Inference for Tiny Deep LearningJi Lin
S4.04SparseBFA: Attacking Sparse Deep Neural Networks with the Worst-Case Bit Flips on CoordinatesKyungmi Lee
S4.05Energy Efficient System Design for Video Understanding on the EdgeMiaorong Wang
S4.06Fabrication of Electrochemical Artificial Synapses Based on Intercalation of Mg2+ IonsMiranda Schwacke
S4.07Sparseloop: An Analytical Approach To Sparse Tensor Accelerator ModelingYannan Wu
S4.08Memory-Efficient Gaussian Fitting for RGB-D Images at Sensor RatePeter Li
S4.09A Bit-level Sparsity-aware SAR ADC with Direct Hybrid Encoding for Signed Expressions Leveraging Algorithm-circuit Co-designRuicong Chen
S4.10Uncertainty from Motion for DNN Monocular Depth EstimationSoumya Sudhakar
S4.11Electronegative metal dopants reduce switching variability in Al2O3 resistive switching devicesVrindaa Somjit
S5 - Optics, Photonics, and Magnetics
Session Chair: Milica Notaros
S5.01Integrated Butterfly Coupler for Independent Amplitude and Phase ControlAbigail Shull
S5.023D Printed micro-reflectors for broadband, low-loss and high density fiber to chip couplingLuigi Ranno
S5.03Integrated-Photonics-Based Visible-Light Holographic Augmented-Reality DisplayMilica Notaros
S5.04Silicon Photonics for Chip-Based 3D PrintingSabrina Corsetti
S5.05CMOS-Compatible Focusing Optical Phased Arrays for Steerable Chip-Based Optical TrappingTal Sneh
S5.06Physics-assisted Generative Adversarial Network for X-Ray TomographyZhen Guo
S5.08Ising Machine Based on Electrically Coupled Spin Hall Nano-OscillatorsBrooke McGoldrick
S5.09Proposal for a Spin-Torque-Oscillator Maser Enabled by Microwave Photon-Spin CouplingJustin Hou
S5.10Current-induced switching of a ferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Co2MnGaChung-Tao Chou
S5.11Automatic Design of a Broadband Directional Coupler via Bayesian OptimizationZhengqi Gao
S5.12Programmable Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) MatrixSamantha Cheung, Brandon John, Shayda Moezzi
S5.13A color-tunable thin-film light-emitting diodeEkaterina Arutyunova, Reagan Zimmerman, Eryn Cornelius
S6 - Quantum
Session Chair: Sarah Muschinske
S6.01Probing the Origin of Magnetic Flux Noise using Superconducting QubitsLamia Ateshian
S6.02Ultrafast superconducting qubit readout and gates with a quarton couplerYufeng Ye
S6.03Precise Control of Qubit Frequencies in a Superconducting Qubit ProcessorCora Barrett
S6.04Amplification of Single Flux Quantum Pulses along Josephson Transmission LinesGregory Cunningham
S6.05QuantumNAS: Noise-Adaptive Search for Robust Quantum CircuitsHanrui Wang
S6.06High frequency Josephson traveling wave parametric amplifiers for neutrino mass measurementJennifer Wang
S6.07Floquet Mode Josephson Traveling Wave Parametric AmplifierKaidong Peng
S6.08Scalable quantum information processing architecture using a programmable array of spin-photon interfaces Linsen Li
S6.09Nanometer-scale fabrication and localization of quantum emitters in diamondYuqin Sophia Duan
S6.10New mechanism for unconventional superconductivity from repulsive interactionValentin Crépel
S6.11Kinetic Inductance Measurement of NbSe2 Using Microwave TechniquesSameia Zaman
S7 - Medical and Biological Technologies
Session Chair: Wei Liao
S7.01Highly Tunable, Rapid Manufacturing of Microneedles for Controlled Vaccine Delivery Applications using Multiphoton 3D PrintingDhruv Varshney
S7.02Adaptable Engineering of Cellulose-based Vertical Flow Assays for Rapid Diagniostics - The Case of COVID-19Dousabel May Yi Tay
S7.03Increasing Manufacturability and Scale of Electrokinetic Preconcentration SystemsEric Wynne
S7.04Industry-Level Throughput Cell Clarification using Deformation-Free and Mass-Producible Plastic Spiral Inertial Microfluidic SystemHyungkook Jeon
S7.05Bio-Nano TERCOM for Drug Delivery Using Oligos, RNA, and NucleaseJonathan Protz
S7.06An Intracochlear Hydrophone and Amplifier for Fully Implantable Assistive Hearing DevicesJohn Zhang
S7.07Nanowire-coated emitter electrospray ionizer coupled to digital microfluidics for liquid analysis.Alex Kachkine
S7.08Microfluidic disc for high-throughput cell pairingMohammadmahdi Aeinehvand
S7.09Wide-field delivery and detection of exogenous molecules in the rodent brainMiranda Dawson
S7.10Facile Prediction Of Neutrophil Activation State From Microscopy Images: A New Dataset And Comparative Deep Learning ApproachesWei Liao
S7.11Fabrication of Transparent, Flexible Circuits with Sensors and Displays for Wearable Electronic BiomonitorsSyamantak Payra, Shelly Ben-David, Cale Gregory
S7.12Long-term imperceptible electronic skin for electrophysiological sensingJihoon Kang
S8 - Materials and Manufacturing
Session Chair: Abigail Zhien Wang
S8.01Physical Tags: Fingerprints and Markers Embedded in Objects for Ubiquitous Sensing and Seamless InteractionsMustafa Doga Dogan
S8.03Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Time Series in the Frequency DomainFan-Keng Sun
S8.04Wafer-scale remote epitaxy and layer transferHyunseok Kim
S8.05Design and Characterization of ‘Soft-firefly’ Powered by Electroluminescent Dielectric Elastomer ActuatorsSuhan Kim
S8.07Enhanced GaN Device Heat Dissipation by aBN Based Remote EpitaxyYunpeng Liu
S8.08Generative Modeling of Random Process Variation in Silicon PhotonicsZhengxing Zhang
S8.09Photo-Enhanced Ionic Conductivity across Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline CeramicsThomas Defferriere
S8.10Ceramic 3D-printed Retarding potential analyzerJavier Izquierdo-Reyes
S8.11Thermally Drawn Piezoelectric Fiber Enables Fabric for Acoustic Healthcare MonitoringGrace Noel
S9 - Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials
Session Chair: Isaac Harris
S9.01Large Scale Two-Dimensional Perovskite with unity Photoluminescence Quantum YieldDoyoon Lee
S9.02Exciton-Phonon Coupling in 2D Silver Phenyl Selenolate Revealed by Impulsive Vibrational SpectroscopyEric Powers
S9.03Chip-less battery-less wireless electronic skin sensors enabled by single crystalline freestanding membranesJunmin Suh
S9.04Impact of 2D–3D Heterointerface on Remote Epitaxial Interaction through GrapheneKuangye Lu
S9.05Deterministic growth of perovskite nanocrystals with single particle controlPatricia Jastrzebska-Perfect
S9.06Two-Dimensional Material Integration via Adhesive Matrix EngineeringPeter Satterthwaite
S9.07Magnetically Actuated Micro-Architected MaterialsRachel Sun
S9.08Nanopatterned graphene as a universal platform for releasable epitaxy with ultimate defect reductionSangho Lee
S9.09Controlled Synthesis of Large-Sized 2D SnSe Single Crystals on MicaTianyi Zhang
S9.10Exsolution synthesis of nanocomposite perovskites with tunable electrical and magnetic propertiesJiayue Wang
S9.11All-Solution Processed Silver Nanowire Transparent Electrode with a Conformally Encapsulating Reduced Graphene Oxide Layer Leading to Improved StabilityWoo Hyun (David) Chae
S9.12Nanoporous gadolinium-doped ceria-based protonic solid-state electrochemical synapse for CMOS-compatible neuromorphic computingSeungchan Ryu
S9.13Fabrication of Light Trapping Nanostructures on Organic Solar Cells via Colloidal LithographyJamie Geng, Will Jack, Lejla Skelic
S9.14Interfacial ferroelectricity in rhombohedral-stacked bilayer transition metal dichalcogenidesXirui Wang